Top 10 Software Tools for eBook Marketing

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With the outburst of digital platforms for the past few years, digital marketing has taken a great leap and came out taking various shapes on this very exposed platform. EBook marketing is one of the branches when you talk about digital marketing platforms.

EBook is a bundle of compressed files uploaded on a website or on the digital platform, in order to be available for the viewing or mere guidance towards any specific product. They are easily accessible with just the click of a mouse.

EBooks have become popular within just a few years, leaving us astonished. EBook changed the marketing paraphernalia and as well as the publishing industry at large. They are easy to create without putting much of the expenses, though distribution comes in handy for those who know great marketing skills. The main goal of creating an eBook is to identify your customer’s problems and then present their solutions in an eBook form.

The main goal of creating an eBook is to identify your customers’ problems and then present its solutions in an eBook form. An eBook is produced easily with the many tools available and targets a broader audience in helping them to reach a better solution. Creating an eBook was never that easier with the tools available now. You can write, create, edit, and publish your eBook without any difficulty. Here are the following top 10 tools that can help and give you a push to market your eBook easily:


E – Junkie

After you have written a marvelous eBook, you want it to be available everywhere online. E junkie is a place where you can sell your eBook on your website, social media platforms, on eBay, or create an online shop. You can sell anything from downloads of comics, eBooks, music, arts, software to any tangible item of use here. However, selling an eBook over here liberates you to select any payment method and link your selling button on the website, social network, or blogs, alongside the donations option. You can also avail their referral program by rewarding your fans upon sharing referral links. This type of e-commerce system gives a benefit of selling on your own website as well, which in return makes you keep all the profits within yourself. You can also track the people easily who are buying, and the way they came to your website.

Easy to use – Blurb

Blurb is a comprehensive platform where you not only write or create an eBook, but also you have the option to share it on social media platforms, or on your website. Once you know how to write an eBook and are done with the formatting, the next step is to publish it online. Although Blurb is a direct selling portal from where you can track your earnings, you can also make your eBook available on Amazon, Apple, and other android devices.

Up your game with – KDP

Do you want to up your game, among the Kindle eBooks? Kindle Direct Publishing is one of those free platforms where you can publish your eBook directly on the Kindle library. It is absolutely free where you can earn some percentage of the royalty as and when the readers read your pages. It also guides you in preparing, formatting, designing an appealing cover, and promoting your published script.

Blow the trumpets with – Click to Tweet

The success of any eBook marketing is to bring it to the public and let people know about it. Here I have a very handy tool for you to blow the trumpets about your published work. Although there are many different social media platforms that help you in promoting your work, my personal favorite is Click to tweet. It directly lets you tweet about your eBook, which includes your personalized tag and a link to your eBook.

All at one place – Lulu

Lulu is a platform to create, publish, and sell your eBook for free. You can have express printing for your eBook and have the option of getting a hard-printed cover. This site allows you to sell on Shopify and offers a variety of discounts. Additionally, it features a writing and publishing tutorial.

Fish for the best cover – 99 designs

A professionally designed cover is important when attracting potential readers. While you are looking for the best ways to market the eBook online, the presentation acts as a catalyst for sales. 99designs gives you the option to obtain a variety of designs and select the one that suits you best. It’s an unconventional and much cheaper to get what we want by creating a contest for the designers.

Dramatic publishing – Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital is a self-publishing platform collecting ten percent of your sales as commission. It provides full support, including the tools for designing and layout that you require for your book publishing and as well as giving the distribution services to all major retailers.

Get organized – Evernote

Evernote comes in handy for those who like to note down any on-the-spot idea. It’s an excellent option for eBook writers because it helps in organizing the data and compiles them easily. This tool may not be useful during the draft writing process but is great for brainstorming topics and promotional ideas.

Piece it together – Scrivener

This tool helps in putting up your first draft together. Scrivener helps in putting all the puzzle pieces together to bring in a complete picture of the eBook edit. Writers who have just started this line of profession, can take a lot of advantages with this tool and simultaneously add in publishing information to it.

Selz – easy to sell

The primary goal of eBook marketing is to provide an easy to access platform for your eBook viewership and sales. Selz is a complete e-commerce platform for your online eBook sales with a proper payment system, personalized website, and direct link for your social network; along with keeping track of your growth. It supports all types of formats and is a paid tool, though it provides direct access for Kindle users.

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