How To Take Care of JS Dolls?

How To Take Care of JS Dolls?

In life, you will find several elements that can provide your entertainment, amusement and happiness. Even if you are not connected with many people you can have a happy life surrounded by gadgets and dolls like JS Dolls. The best way to please yourself even without having a life partner. We all know humans have physical needs but at times we may not have our life partner or else we don’t feel free to get intimate with someone unknown. For such times JS dolls are the perfect dolls which can give you extreme pleasure. But to get this please for a long time you must take care of the dolls and here are some tips that will help you to take care of the doll.


How to store a JS doll?

Storing the dolls is the most important part to take care of the doll. The box that comes with the doll is the best place to store the doll but for soft of delicate dolls or specialised dolls, you need to shop lingerie. For big-busted or big breast dolls, you need to put a soft panty and bra to store the doll with care. While storing the doll make sure the doll is in its original posture. Keeping the doll in original posture helps to reduce the chances of getting wrinkles on the doll click now to know more.

How to reduce the wrinkles on the doll?

Due to keeping the doll in a different posture with pressure may cause wrinkles in the joints or the portions where the bend occurs. Don’t worry you can make your doll free from these wrinkles with this easy to do remedy. Soak a towel in hot water and make sure that the temperature of the tower does not exceed 60°C. Wrap the wrinkled portions of the doll with the hot towel and leave it for some time in the original posture. This trick will help to erase the wrinkles and bring back the original look of your doll.

How to clean the doll?

It is highly instructed to use water-based lubricants to clean the dolls. Mix the cleanser with water and soak the sponge in it and then wipe the doll with that sponge. Wipe out the doll and then leave it for drying. You can towel dry the doll but it is suggested to leave the doll for some time to dry completely. Then put talcum power on the doll and store it fresh.

How to repair the doll?

Since the dolls are made with soft materials it may get cut, scratched or poked just use the TPE glue to fix the doll. It will take almost half an hour to set and fix the doll.

Bottom line

The most common measures to take care of the doll has been discussed over here. You can enjoy with your JS doll and keep it new for a long time with these treating measures. For more service, you should contact the seller.

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