What is VPN? A Guide for Beginners


VPN Guide for Beginners: What is It and Why Do You Need It?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service, which gives users an opportunity to get the safe Internet connection. All the data transmits from one point to another via the VPN service, which encrypts it, and as a result, a user gets secure and anonymous access to one website or another. VPN service provides:

  • Privacy;
  • Opportunity to avoid censorship;
  • Possibility to hide your actual location;
  • Protection against hackers.

In order to start using one of the VPN services, you should subscribe to one of them. If you do not know which Virtual Private Network provider is the best choice for you, this website has informative reviews of different VPN providers.

What is VPN

How does the VPN Works?

Normally, those users who does not use VPN disclose all the information about their Internet activity to their ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Why? That happens because you access the ISP server before you access any website, so that ISP has an opportunity to look through your browser history.

If you do not want somebody to interfere into your private life, you can use VPN. The VPN server will encrypt all the data, so that only you and the VPN server can see it.

You can find some advantages of using VPN service below:

  • Your IPS does not know which websites you visit, as it has no access to the encrypted data. All you IPS can know is that you are using a Virtual Private Network;
  • You access the Internet with IP address of your VPN service. This feature gives you an opportunity to access the content, which is restricted to certain countries.
  • You do not have to worry about threats from public Wi-Fi if you use VPN service;
  • VPN service know your activity on the Internet, but it also protects your privacy, unlike Internet Service Providers;

There is also some drawback in VPN usage. One of them is the lower speed of Internet connection, as your data is sent to VPN server and encrypted there, and only after that you can access the desired website.

Is It Legal to Use VPN Service?

is vpn legal

Of course, usage of a VPN service is absolutely legal in all countries with the freedom right. Even such countries as China and Iran do not punish for VPN usage, although their censorship system is extremely strict.

Some VPNs with the headquarters in certain European countries should keep users logs according to some anti-terrorism laws. Therefore, avoid such VPN providers if privacy is your prior goal of Virtual Private Network usage.

There are hundreds of VPN services around the world. Some of them are free, others have monthly fees, but offer more options to clients. It is up to you to choose which VPN service is more tailored to your needs.

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