Your Essential Clickfunnels Review

With 2019 upon us, Clickfunnels continues to be the top sales funnel app on the market. In fact, the software is used by over 70,000 people and continues to grow and expand each day. In a nutshell, Clickfunnels is top-rated online marketing and sales funnel program that helps you create different types of marketing funnels. The Clickfunnels review was overwhelmingly positive in 2018 and should be in 2019 as well.

Funnels are essentially series of pages your site visitors go through to hit a certain goal. With funnel marketing creation, it’s not about building one single page for your marketing and/or sales advertising needs. Instead, the software is geared towards building structured pages that navigate users towards end-goals. In many ways, Clickfunnels is like an e-mail marketing service. However, its features allow users to create landing pages, along with hosting multiple marketing pages and even member-affiliate programs.

Your Essential Clickfunnels Review


Why do I need Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is one of the top apps for meeting all your business marketing and advertising directives. However, you do not need to purchase separate components for your marketing funnel creator. In fact, Clickfunnels has everything you need from one comprehensive and cohesive marketing platform — program. This saves time and money while helping you eliminate different services for your marketing needs. In a nutshell, you get everything you need directly from the Clickfunnels app. This includes but is not limited to:

  • User-friendly, built-in funnel templates for e-mail marketing, product sales, advertising, affiliate programs and more.
  • Auto-responders for visitors, clients and site guests.
  • E-mail lists segmentation and ClickFunnels hosting for all your landing and structured pages.
  • Customized domains available for brand marketing, visibility, and awareness.
  • Webinar funnels — live or recorded webinars for your visitors and clients.
  • The ability to offer digital downloads such as eBooks, product lists, services lists, and e-mail lists for geo-specific targets.
  • Detailed page creator for front-end and back-end pages. Secure uniformity and consistency across your marketing funnel pages.
  • Real-time analytics for every stage of your funnel.

What else does Clickfunnels feature?

Clickfunnels also offers a range of automation tools for easy navigation and movement. In fact, these tools help people move through the funnels to achieve desired results and goals. There is also affiliate software, which is designed to recruit new marketers for promoting your products, brands, and services. The program even has A/B split testing, which finds the top performing pages and buttons for your products.

In essence, Clickfunnels is no different than other forms of marketing to secure higher web traffic, visibility, leads and stronger conversion rates for your visitors — clients — guests. The difference is that one page, one ad, or one concept is not sufficient enough to encompass your daily business marketing needs and goals. For that, you need software with a proven track record of success — ClickFunnels!

Can you show me a small Clickfunnels example?

Using Clickfunnels is easy and offers guaranteed ROI for your marketing initiatives. For example: here are the steps in creating a funnel for selling a digital product —

  • Select the type of funnel you want to create. In this case, it is a digital product — so you would select the “Sell your Product” template.
  • Simply replace the copy with your own sales pitch, as well as content for product information and imaging.
  • Upsell or offer one-time-only offers for your digital product. You then use your e-mail lists to blast this offer to all your recipients — or those on geo or brand specific lists. They will receive your offer — and if interested — will purchase the item using the clock on the call action button.
  • This takes them to your Order page — and after the order is completed – to a thank you page where they can download the digital product. For this example, it was an e-book.
  • It’s as simple as that and you’re done!

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