Xbox Live Gold Membership – Plenty of Variety

Xbox Live Gold Membership – Plenty of Variety

We all want what’s best for us – it’s only natural. The fastest computer, the best gear, most comfort and convenience and, of course, the best deals. And it’s safe to say Xbox Live Gold membership can fulfil many of the requirements. While not able to buy you a brand-new PC or console (yet!), Xbox Live services can certainly make your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Silver or Gold

The Free membership (which used to be called Silver) obviously don’t take anything out of your pocket, but its uses are also limited. While you may still be able to connect with your friends, buy games and share your profile, playing together might be tricky, as there is a slight gap in convenience between the two titular membership options that you should take into your deepest consideration.

You see, the more exclusive Xbox Live Gold membership offers all the same pros that Silver does, but also piles onto them. It can connect you to various streaming platforms (such as Netflix), so you can catch up on your favourite TV series while you take a break from all the ass-kicking. Or maybe sports are your thing and you prefer to watch ESPN or similar streaming sources in order to pick up some fresh news from the sporting world. All this and plenty more is only possible with the Xbox Live Gold membership.

A bang for your buck

That’s right, the above title does not deceive you. With Xbox Live Gold, you will be getting free games (from 2 to 4) every month. They are yours to keep, install and reinstall and play however many times you want, just like if you had bought them yourself! And in a way, you do – but at a very heavily discounted price.

Xbox Live membership has several subscription modes – you can grab it for a month, which may mostly be viewed as a proverbial toe dipping to see if this subscription is for you. But hey, you will get free games as a souvenir from Xbox Live Gold membership, so why not try that! However, should you want to take your gaming career to another level, without further a due, grab the longer-term subscription!

The middle-ground, 3-month subscription will cost you somewhere from 16$ to 25$ (depending on the store) or – and this is more lucrative option – get the Xbox Live Gold for 12 months, the price is ranging from 42$ to 60$ (depending on the store). 12 months extension means a month of free games almost costs you pennies! In turn, with any membership subscription, you will also get access to the top-notch matchmaking system.

If you love online games or co-op modes, enjoy creating mayhem with friends or saving the world as the hero whenever you can. Xbox Live Gold membership is simply a must have! No more being pitted against players who stomp you to the ground because you still struggle with controls, or holier-than-thou if you make a mistake on your first mission run. Just direct and precise team matching experience, which leads to more enjoyable gameplay.

Free games are free

And that’s not all. In addition to better teams, you will also be able to enjoy the previously mentioned free games each month. And who doesn’t like getting gifts just as a bonus for a purchase? So, let’s do some math here – a single annual Xbox Live Gold membership will give you about 28-48 games in total. Many people within the gaming industry do not get their hands on that many different titles so quickly. Basically, you will never run out of titles to play!

Different genres, difficulties and play modes – the variations are endless! And in case there’s a particular title you want to get, Xbox Live Gold has you covered there as well! Under the membership, you are able to get huge discounts in the store. So, even if the game is relatively new and belongs to the so-called AAA category, you can grab it using the deals that Xbox Live Gold membership creates for its users. Overall, the membership is a wonderful way to experience all the gaming scene has to offer – from indie games to the most known titles, all within your clicking range!

Try it now

Ultimately, there are very few services that can give you as much as this one can. Not only the supplementary streaming, but also the sheer amount of dedication and care given to every gamer alike. Gold membership will not disappoint the new up-and-coming players, rising streaming stars or experienced veterans. All will find their preferred benefits by trying out one of the Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

And should you need little encouragement, there is also a 14-day Xbox Live Gold membership trial available. So, hop onto the Gold membership, test it out and see if it’s the right fit. Play with friends at the fraction of a cost and decide whether the longer commitment is for you. Overall, step into the shoes of Xbox Live Gold member and experience the gaming world through an enhanced lens of freedom and accessibility.

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