Why Food Packaging Design Is Make or Break

While many restaurateurs think that food quality and portions are the most important aspects of their brand, many do not understand the importance of the food packaging design.

Food packaging protects food from contamination and keeps it at the optimum temperature. But did you know that your food packaging design can play a vital role in your product sales?

Here’s why food packaging design can make or break your product and brand.


The packaging material and design that suits your food

Hot piping soup served cold or cold sushi served warm! Doesn’t sound good, right?

Your consumers would want their food packages to arrive at the right temperature and without any contamination on the way. The wrong food packaging material can not only make your food less appetising but can also affect its quality.

Consider a material that is functional, keeps your food fresh and safe for a long time and is right for the environment as well.

Food packaging design that raises brand visibility

Your food packaging design elements such as your logo, brand name, typography and colour palette helps customers to instantly recognise your brand.

Once the brand elements are reinforced into their minds they can emotionally relate to your product. The positive memories and feelings that they had while having your food can lead to long-term relationships between your brand and your consumers.

Food packaging design that aligns with your target audience

Whom are you catering to?

Your target customers play an important role in deciding the food packaging design for your brand. A bright and colourful package design would definitely appeal to kids. Similarly, the millennials are more socially and environmentally responsible, so you should look for eco-friendly disposable or re-useable containers.

Food packaging design elements that appeal to your customers

When it comes to food packaging, the aesthetics of it matters. Your product needs to stand out in the highly competitive space and the shape of the package, its colours, images, typography and textures play a role to appeal your customers.

Though catching your customers’ loyalty depends on the goodness of the product inside, you should invest in a highly distinctive packaging design.

Food packaging design that calls out the product and company values

The packaging should offer warning statements and concise information about the brand and product. The listing should include the ingredients, additives, net weight, allergy warnings, health benefits, and shelf life of the food packed. It should also contain the core company values and details of the manufacturer.

Additionally, you should also mention the sustainability of your packaging, i.e. if it is biodegradable that should be stated. Other details such as whether the product is plant or meat-based, vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar, etc. should be cited.

There are hundreds of brands out there, all competing for consumers’ attention. If you are stuck with a generic looking packaging design, it is time to revamp your design. Go for a unique food packaging design that is going to catch the attention of your customers.

A great food packaging design is more than just placing your food in a box. It is your tactile brand ambassador that will help you make a connection between you and your consumer.


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