Why Coupons Should Be in Your Business Marketing Arsenal

Why Coupons Should Be in Your Business Marketing Arsenal

Any business today (regardless of the size) has to put extra effort and use resources to stand out from the rest. As a business owner, you are responsible for the direction that your brand is taking. So, you have to trigger the efforts as well as the resources to ensure that your brand not only stays relevant but productive too. The secret to business relevancy and productivity lies in a great marketing strategy. One important marketing arsenal that you can use today to lure customers to your business is coupons.

Coupons are very enticing to the customers. For one, customers see them as a great way to save money. Therefore, they become motivated to shop more. Secondly, coupons provide customers with the opportunity to try a new product without feeling the pain of paying a hefty price. Additionally, some coupons are personal and make the customer feel special and needed. Examples include welcome coupons and birthday deals.

Now that it’s clear how coupons benefit the customer, it’s important to know how they help your business. Here are 9 reasons why you need coupons in your marketing arsenal.


Coupons are Sales Catalysts

Coupons are very influential when carrying out a marketing campaign. They have the power to determine the purchasing decision that the customer makes. They can provoke a first-time subscription or registration. In short, coupons can help your business sell more in a faster way since the customer is motivated by the discount.

Coupons are Traffic-Generators

When very few customers are visiting your site, coupons have the power to increase the traffic. They are great at encouraging more site visitors because of the promises they carry. Customers will rush to your store to see how they can benefit.

Coupons are Internet-Friendly

A coupon website is a sensation these days mainly because it provides customers with the opportunity to shop for different products at a discount and even to get some for free. Putting your offers on such a site guarantees you bigger market coverage and the potential of heavy traffic directed towards your store.

Coupons are Social Media-Friendly

Apparently, a good number of customers, more so the youthful audience, spend more time on Facebook, Snap Chat, and Instagram than they do on Google. So, most of their searches are on the social platforms. Displaying and distributing coupons on these platforms is one quick way to enjoy heavy customer traffic and conversions.

Coupons Carry an Incentive

Do you want to give your customer a reason to buy from your store? Just use promo codes and the customers will rush to your store. Some of the strategies to use include the use of expiry notifications like countdown timers and the use of CTAs (call to actions) like “Buy Now” and “Redeem Now.”

Coupons Create Brand Awareness

When done right, coupons can make your brand to be known over large market coverage. One great way to use them to enhance brand awareness is offering customized freebies. The other option is investing in PPC (pay per click).

Coupons are a Communication Tool

Coupons allow you and your customers to communicate in a friendly way. For example, during the festivities, you can express a caring message by sending a special day coupon to your customer. Also, the fact that you provide welcome coupons to first-time shoppers is an indication that you are a considerate business owner.

Coupons Promote Other Products

When customers are trailing a coupon, they are able to see other products that you offer and buy them. There is also the buy-one-get-one (or BOGO) strategy where you give the customer the condition to only enjoy a free item after buying another. In the long run, you achieve more sales.

Coupon Codes are Universal

Lastly, it doesn’t matter whether the customer is wealthy or not since all types of consumers get motivated by coupons. Both low-earners and high-earners can comfortably shop at your store and help you generate revenue. Besides, everyone likes a good deal and there is no better one than coupons.


There are people who believe that coupons slow the progression of a business financially. While this may be partly true, it all depends on the way you implement or use them. A good coupon marketing strategy will guarantee you better conversions and sales. Consequently, they are worth having in your marketing arsenal.

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