How to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? (3 Methods)

Do you know that who has visited your Facebook profile? You might be looking for some tools which can tell you that who visited your facebook profile. Officially there is no such option in facebook to know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile. You might be curious to know such things as many people would be visiting your profile.

But knowing that who has actually visited your profile is a quite difficult task. As Facebook doesn’t allow to check who visited your profile. That’s why you’ll be in need of some third-party tools to checkout who has visited your facebook profile.

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who visited my facebook profile


Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Here in this post, I’ll be discussing a tool which will help you to check that Who Visited Your Facebook Profile. There are many methods available on the Internet to find out who visited your Facebook profile but many of them do not work properly. But the tool which I’m going to share with you is working fine and I’ve tried it personally to check my Facebook Profile Visitors.

There are many ways to find out who visited your Facebook profile. I’ve shared all these ways below in the post. You can check them one by one. Almost all of these are working ways but still, you can give a try to your favorite one.

Is It Possible to Check Who Visited My Facebook Profile?

This question might be appearing in your mind that is it really to possible to find out who has visited my Facebook profile. Here I would like to assure you that you can find out who has visited your Facebook profile. You will just need some tools and browser extensions to make this trick work.

There is no need of paid tools or software for this trick. Just follow the below-given methods and choose one which is suitable for you.

Method #1: Facebook Profile Visitors Chrome Extension

Ther very first and easiest to way to Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile is the Chrome Extension. There is an Extension for Google Chrome users which let you know that who has visited your Facebook Profile. You just need to install this extension and then you will be just one click away to check the Facebook Profile Visitors.

  • At first download Facebook Profile Viewer Chrome Extension in your Chrome Browser.
  • Install this Extension in your Chrome browser successfully.
  • After installing the Extension visit and there you will find a new option on your Facebook profile of Visitors.

who viewed my facebook profile extension

  • Now click on Visitors tab.
  • That’s all, Now this extension will show you that who has recently visited your Facebook Profile.

who viewed my profile

  • Just click on the Visitors link every time whenever you want to check your Facebook Profile Visitors.

Note: There are many fake extensions available on the Chrome Extensions Store so make sure that you install the extension only from the link given above in the post. Also, this extension doesn’t provide accurate data. This extension will just give you an idea, so don’t rely completely on this extension. However, it’s still better than other methods and extensions. You can give it a try.

Method #2: Check Facebook Profile Visitors via Source Code

This method is based on source codes of the Facebook profile. However, this method is quite complicated as you need to check source code manually and then search for the profile using Facebook profile id. The complete guide is as mentioned below.

  • At first, visit and then open your Facebook profile or Timeline.
  • Now right click on the page anywhere and then click on View Page Source option, either you can press CTRL+U button.
  • Now a new page will be opened with the big codes.
  • Now press CTRL+F button and search for the “InitialChatFriendsList” 
  • After searching you will find that there are many numeric ID’s which contains some numerical digits.

who viewed facebook profile via source code method

  • These numerical digits are the ID’s of those persons who have recently visited your Facebook profile.
  • To find out that who was the person with the specific numeric ID who visited your Facebook Profile you need to open an URL something like this id of the person) and then hit the enter button.
  • Now you will be landed to the Facebook profile of that person who has visited your Facebook profile.

Method #3: Find Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile via Social Fans App for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and wants to know that Who has visited your Facebook Profile then here we have got an application for you which will help you to track your Facebook Profile Visitors. There is an application named Social Fans for iPhone users which help in the tracking of Social Profile Visitors.

  • At first download Social Fans application from Apple Store.
  • Install the application successfully.
  • Open the app and start tracking of your Social Profile Visitors.

This is a paid application so you will have to pay monthly or annually to track your Profile Visits. This application gives detailed information about social profile visits.

Final Words:

So, this was a complete guide to Find out that Who Visits Your Facebook Profile. We have shared various methods above in the post to find out Facebook Profile Visitors, you can use any of the whichever suits you. If you are having any trouble while using these methods then please let us know via the comments section below, we would be happy to hear from you. Also, do not forget to share this guide with your Friends so that they can also track Facebook Profile Visitors.

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