What is Web Hosting and How to Select a Suitable One?

Web hosting is one of the utmost needs of a website that we can’t ignore. It is the platform that provides life to your website. As the level of competition in the market has been raised great these days, various service providers are now providing various offers to attract the customers towards it and A2 hosting discount is the perfect example of it. The guide will serve as a great help for the beginners and will provide information about different topics about website hosting such as its working, types and the selection process.


What is web hosting?

A web hosting is a service that offers users the facility of acquiring space for their website on a server on the internet. It is a platform that adds life to your website. Once you have successfully launched your website on the internet, you will be free to use it at any moment.

How do web hosting works?

The functioning of web hosting is quite easy and simple to understand. Web hosting services are being provided by the service providers named as web hosts. The web hosts usually rent out their services and technology on the internet. The web address of the website includes a domain name and that helps users in accessing a website from a user’s account. A website is nothing if it will don’t have any web hosting service or a domain name.

Different types of web hosting service providers

Before opting for any of the web hosting services randomly, you need to have knowledge about the various web hosting services and their features in detail. The different types of web hosting services being present in the market are:

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is absolutely a great option for all those who are just starting their carrier in blogging or with a small business. It is one of the most affordable kind of web hosting service that offers a shared platform for your blog or small business to bloom on. As the name describes it well, it is a simple process where you have to share your space with other people. One thing that we need to inform here is that shared hosting provides you the least amount of control over your blog only.

WordPress Hosting: If you just have started with a WordPress website, it is a recommended option for you to get started with. It will take care of your WordPress Blog and website effectively and helps you in blooming up effectively.

Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is a great option for all those who are willing to get into the hosting business. As the name describes well, reseller hosting enables users to rent out or re-sell the same hosting service you currently have.

Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting provides you, users, complete control over their blog or website. One of the best things about dedicated hosting is that it offers you the facility of customizing your website as per your choice and also makes it easy to use the software as per your preferences.

VPS Hosting: It is one of the most effective kind of web hosting service that makes it quite easier to work on resources that are not shared with others. VPS hosting provides users full control over the website and hence makes it easy to customize it as per your preferences.

How to select a perfect web hosting service for your website?

As the competition in the market is rising each day, it is getting quite hard to select a suitable one. If you are getting confused among the so many options being present there just make sure to look at the goals and storage capacity you wanted to need. Moreover, you also need to check out some detailed web hosting features to get a suitable selection.

  • Just check out the uptime of the web hosting service you are going to purchase on.
  • Have a look at its reputation and credibility also.
  • Several customers in its baggage also help you in convincing about the web host.
  • Don’t forget to check out the online reviews and testimonials.
  • Customer care service is one of another thing we need to care about.
  • Have a look at the products and services; the related web host is going to provide you?
  • Consider the security levels also.
  • How are the backup services of the web host?
  • Is your web host providing you mobile access or not?

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