What is an Internet-Enabled TV?

Nowadays, internet-enabled TVs can connect to the internet directly and display content from online platforms. This means you can make use of your TV for watching YouTube videos or enjoy online streaming. You can perform many activities that require an internet connection on your TV set. An internet-enabled TV is used to deliver the same features like a hardware device along with the usual cable TV channels.

For instance, you can get a Cox cable subscription, preferably a bundle offer, where you can enjoy the cable channels as well as access to online content of your choice via a high-speed internet connection on the big TV screen. This way you can take full advantage of all the features of an internet-enabled TV. So, if you are planning to buy a new TV, you should consider an internet-enabled TV. Here is everything you need to know about them to be able to make a better choice:


What Services to Expect from an Internet TV?

Before you purchase an internet-enabled TV, you should be well aware of all the features. And, you should be clear about your preferences. For instance, if you are a music fan, you would be more interested in streaming the music apps. If you are a hardcore gamer, you would be more inclined towards the compatibility of your TV with various games and graphics, etc. The features and functionality of internet-enabled TVs vary from model to model. In general, you can expect the following features on an internet-enabled TV:

  • Amazon Video on Demand
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Sports
  • HBO Go
  • Video Games
  • Weather
  • Spotify
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Live broadcasts, etc

What Will You Require?

The TV must be connected to the internet either through a wire or wirelessly. Only then you can use the high-speed internet to access online content. While using the internet on the TV, there are generally no additional charges unless you are using certain streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video. These streaming platforms come with a subscription fee to use their services. It is important to keep in mind the fact that this consumes a lot of internet data, so it is better to go for an internet subscription that has no data caps. You will be able to stream without worrying about early data consumption or any data overage charges.

Features of an Internet-Enabled TV

Usually, every internet-ready TV comes with its operating system and user interface, depending on the manufacturer. Generally, you can expect all the internet-enabled TVs to support the various streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc. These TVs are also compatible with online gaming and usually have an app store to access smart apps. Nowadays, these internet-enabled TVs come with a voice assistant feature that allows you to change the TV channels by literally talking into the remote.

Moreover, it lets you perform different sorts of tasks on the internet. You can also access smartphone-like apps including Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, or weather updates, etc.

When choosing between an internet-enabled TV or a smart TV, price is one of the most important factors. The TV you choose must fit your budget. Moreover, screen size, screen type, and resolution are also major decisive factors.

Accessibility to Thousands of Movies and TV Shows

Since you have the advantage of accessing streaming services on your internet-enabled TV, you can enjoy watching any of your favorite TV shows or movies on a big screen from the massive online libraries. Sitting in the comfort of your home, watch whichever movies or TV shows you like and as much as you wish to on the internet-enabled TV.

Difference Between Internet-Enabled TV and Smart TV

As much as both of these terms may appear similar, there is a clear difference between a smart TV and an internet-enabled TV. People are usually confused over the difference between them. It is quite simple.

Internet-enabled TV mainly makes use of your home network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect to the internet. On the other hand, a smart TV requires a set-top box to connect to the internet, so the TV can access the internet connectivity. So, smart TVs mainly require an additional device to be connected to the internet.

Best Internet-Enabled TV brands

Some of the top internet-enabled TV brands that offer better features and more reliable functioning include:

  • Sony
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic

Wrapping Up

Internet-enabled TVs are a good choice, being more affordable as compared to smart TVs and offering a decent range of features. They allow you to access a whole world of exciting options powered by the internet so your entertainment choices are countless. You can also share photos, music, videos and also enjoy many other applications.


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