What Are People Saying About Swiftlane?

Swiftlane helps create safer communities with the use of innovative technology. With smart access solutions, everyone from property managers to visitors will gain building access via end-to-end smart technology that utilizes video intercoms, PINs, key card access, and even facial recognition. Swiftlane’s foundation was built on the notion to elevate multifamily communities and provide safety for better peace of mind. The company recognized a need for frictionless entry and wanted to be part of the solution. So, founder and CEO Saurabh Bajaj created Swiftlane for seamless access control for better efficiency and security. The company now actively provides solutions for multifamily residential properties, enterprises, as well as commercial real estate.

Now that you’re aware of the company’s mission as well as the services and products they provide, you’re probably wondering what people are saying about them. Perhaps you’ve come across their products at work or while visiting friends. Maybe you’re a property manager who is looking for the best security solutions when it comes to access control system. Regardless of the reason, this page will clue you in on how people see Swiftlane and whether you should consider implementing these solutions as well.


Swiftlane products stack up against the competition.

According to many Swiftlane reviews, their products and services are the best in their field. One particular Swiftlane review compares the smart access security system to another competitor with a side-by-side table. The review highlights Swiftlane’s video intercom system’s features and what makes it unique. In the review, the competitor had a two-way audio and video intercom as well as remote access. But it didn’t offer the ability to generate single-use PIN codes, nor did it have multi-door compatibility or an unlimited photo audit trail. The competitor didn’t have a live door view either, which are the best ways that Swiftlane’s access control solutions provide high security. The competitor also didn’t have reverse video callback or facial recognition features. Not only did the Swiftlane video intercom have all of these features that the competitor didn’t, but it also has a searchable resident directory, PIN codes that can be created for a delivery person, as well as vandal protection and voice control features.

The mobile access control from Swiftlane is reliable and seamless.

Access control is all about making it easy for the right people to enter and making it difficult for wrong people to gain access. Thankfully, with Swiftlane, a mobile app is used to make the experience easy, reliable, and seamless. Using a secure app to gain entry to apartment buildings or offices is a great way to keep the wrong people out and let the right people in. There are encrypted signals for high security, and the system even supports Bluetooth and remote door unlocking. Plus, the operating system doesn’t drain your device’s battery.

Facial recognition provides high security and convenience.

Unlike other systems, what makes Swiftlane truly unique is its all-in-one facial recognition access control system. This technology reduces the risk of unauthorized entry and is perfect for high-rise residential or commercial properties. It provides touchless door unlock by simply walking up to the reader. The technology even has anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D depth data. Plus, it’s SOC II and HIPAA compliant. It’s designed to help you protect your privacy and is trusted by many financial institutions, government offices, and other commercial buildings. Competitors that offer facial recognition access are not the most secure in comparison. People say that they have never felt safer than with the use of Swiftlane.

If you’re interested in automating your security processes and access control, people are only saying great things about Swiftlane. Help create a safer community with the use of their access control solutions.

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