Turn You Addiction into Career: Ways to Get Into A Gaming Career


Almost everyone who has a smartphone or a tablet has played one of these games. It’s easy to get carried away by bright colors, attractive characters and the satisfaction you feel when you finally complete a problematic level. So one can change their gaming habit into making money. Below is guiding how you can turn You Addiction into Career.


Earn money and prizes for playing for free on the Internet

Every day there are more ways to make money online by playing UnscrambleX games, and you have to take advantage of them. One of the ways that we like in Diner obits are the pages that give us the possibility of making money playing utterly free of charge.

Sites where you can win prizes and gifts for playing free games without any risk. Who does not like that? I believe that everyone, right.

Usually, these pages will give us the opportunity to play a few limited games a day with which we will get points that we can then exchange for different prizes, cards, checks or directly, cash.

Many of the people, who register, also want to have more games to play and at any time, can buy chips or credits to continue playing. Therefore, this is where these types of sites earn money and for what they can be sustainable.

As for us, we are only going to dedicate ourselves to playing the free games that they offer us daily, to gradually increase our balance and with patience to get excellent gifts (games, consoles, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and Also the money that will typically be paid to our PayPal account.

Is it possible to earn free money just for playing?


Of course, of course, it is possible. The reason for this is straightforward. Almost all of the pages you will know are based on advertising. The more traffic they receive, the more income through this route they get. Most of them tend to have ads through Ad sense and affiliate platforms as a source of funding.

Therefore, a website that for users is entirely free may be generating huge recurring revenue through advertising to little to get some quality traffic.

Therefore, we can get a few dollars or Euros while we have fun for a while and at the same time, the companies that are behind them manage to earn money through advertising. It’s cool, is not it?

Free bonuses to play and get incredible prizes

Image result for Free bonuses to play and get incredible prizes

One of the best-known methods for attracting new users from online gaming sites is to offer succulent welcome bonuses. It’s something that has been in operation for many years and what can be a huge game.

For this, you just have to have some head and a bit of luck. It’s about taking advantage of those free bonuses in order to achieve good prizes without risking a hard of our pocket.


It is not easy, but it is entirely feasible, and nothing is lost by trying.

The best games to earn money on the internet


It is a game with four phases of Bonus. In the Major Minor phase your mission is to get the joker’s card; in the Bono Tea phase, you will have to find the progressive pot between teapots and muffins. In the Bono de las Rosas phase your goal is to paint the roses before the queen appears; and in the Croquet Bonus phase, you have to win your opponent, get an extra screen where … Well, the best option is not to make a spoiler;)

Tiki Temple:


Another fabulous slot game, which takes place in the temple of the Tiki monkey, whose boat currently exceeds € 31,000. Enter the jungle and fight to get to the Bono phase. Your goal is to discard masks, which will give you coins as a reward. The good thing comes when you get a key: you appear on an extra screen in front of five red chests. Use your key and maybe you find the lucky boat.

The Island of Tiki Bote:

This slot game is very similar to the previous one, set on a Caribbean island taken by pirates and with its funny monkey as the central character. There are two bonus phases in the game. The Globo Fish Bonus phase will take you to collect color fish inside which the boat can be hidden. In the Cocos Bonus phase, it is likely that one of the Cocos that breaks Tiki contains the pot. A boat that now exceeds € 19,400 and continues to rise. Last month, he distributed a € 44,000 allowance.

Classic Wilds Progressive:

With a graphics environment that simulates a slot of the old, Classic Wilds Progressive wants to be a tribute to the first machines, physical and tangible, which began to operate in the market and today are a classic. Its operation is much simpler than that of its sophisticated replicas, but not at all emotion-free.

Also here your goal is to play at the most lines, which in this case are only three. Attention, because if you get three symbols of “Wild” appear in the third line, you take the jackpot as well, without more. At this time, your prize would be € 8,200.

Duble Buble Bote:


This is games of the bubbles. You have a mission to reach the Buble Pop Bono phase. When you arrive, blow one of the three soap bubbles, and with a bit of luck, you will take the progressive jackpot, which currently exceeds € 7,100 and continues to rise. Be very careful with slips and enjoy this attractive game.

If you’re thinking about having a fun time with a game of slots, while giving you the chance to get a succulent cash prize, you can use the promotional code Botemania to get different discounts and bonuses. Play to have fun and enjoy playing. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky, and it rains a few thousand Euros. Time to have fun!

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