Top Ways to Secure Your Business in the Online World

With today’s society, it’s important to keep yourself safe and secure. Unfortunately, many don’t think about cybersecurity within the workplace, and that’s why many different issues happen, such as identity theft and credit card information stolen.  Here are the top ways to secure your business online, and why they matter. Kayako is a customer service software company which builds customer service and offers helpdesk system software which businesses use to talk to and support their customers

Top Ways to Secure Your Business in the Online World


Update Device Access

It’s important to ensure that you have password protection on your computers, and you should make sure that you put password protection on everything.  For corporate settings, it’s even more important for many reasons. You should make sure that you have the data stored securely in remote software, and also encrypt everything that you have, whether it be the hard drive, a laptop, USB keys, and DVDs that you use for the business, since it can majorly reduce the damage that happens in the event of a cybercrime.

Educate Yourself on Cyber Safety

This goes into just for others, but yourself as well. Cybercrimes tend to happen quite a bit, and if you’re not careful, you could fall for a phishing scam, or even click on a popup that gives your computer a virus. Train yourself to look at the grammar in emails to ensure that it’s correct,  make sure that you see an SSL certificate, and if you think it’s fishy, don’t click on it.

Set Up firewalls

Firewalls are probably your best bet to protect your networks from threats that come about.  You want to put them not just on the general servers, but on every computer in your business, laptops, and even mobile phones and devices.  Those can get hacked, and it’s not pretty if that happens.  You should also make sure that every computer system has the best antivirus and anti-spyware software possible for them to have.

Update your Security Software

Security software is very important to be kept up to date.  This can mean curtains for your business if you work with old software that ends up failing on you.  Security breaches do happen, and if you’re not careful, they can end up taking all of your information, which is a hassle for yourself at best and could mean you losing everything at worst. You should always make sure you’re working with completely updated security software.

Also of note, is the fact that not all security software is made equal. One of the best out there is Centrify, which is a zero trust security software that can ultimately help protect your business computers from a major breach. If you haven’t’ updated in a bit, this might be the opportune time to do so, since it can ultimately make a difference in the state of security in your company.

Secure Wireless Networks

Finally, secure every wireless network you have.  If you just have one, you secure it, because open networks are essentially an invitation for everyone to connect to it, and if you’re working with sensitive information, this could compromise it. You should secure every network you use with strong passwords that hold up, and never have them written down in obvious places.  If you do have a “guest” network for other people to connect to, you should change the password every now and then, so that devices don’t keep the password forever, since it can also cause a security breach if you’re not careful.

These tips can help you as a business secure your software better. it’s super important to do this, and if you don’t have security in place to ensure that nothing goes wrong, it’s high time you fix this.  It can mean the difference between a business going under due to compromised security, and a business sticking around.

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