The Top 5 Reasons Why Big Data Changed The World For Good

Big data has been talked about a lot recently, and while a lot of people will have heard of it, they may not truly understand what it is or how it can be beneficial to the world we live in. In simple terms big data is the collection of huge amounts of data which is then analysed in order to reveal any trends or patters that relate to both human behaviour and interaction. This makes it a very useful and powerful piece of technology for several reasons, so let’s take a look at 5 reasons why big data has changed the world for good.

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Improved security

We live in a world where security seems to be constantly under threat in various ways and for a number of different reasons. Big data can really help the police for example in monitoring and catching criminals, and even helping to foil terrorist attacks. The fact that the government and authorities have more data available to them means they have more of a chance of spotting suspicious trends.

Better healthcare

Healthcare is improving all the time thanks to the advancements made in technology, but big data in many ways has become vital to the industry. It allows researchers to work faster than ever as the look to find cures for serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, while it also enables more accurate analysis of patients in hospital for example. This should eventually help lead to a healthier world, with less illness and disease.

More personalised online gaming

The online gaming world is rife with competition and it is the priority of leading online casino operators to keep their players as happy as possible. Promotions and bonuses have become one way which online casinos turn to, but big data can make this an even more effective weapon as it can help to establish which games a player likes and how much time and money they spend on the specific titles. This means that personalised promotions can be offered, with the player more likely to take advantage of them.

Targeted Retail

Retail is big business and companies are always looking at ways that allow them to greatly improve their profit margin. Amazon is a prime example of a leading firm who are putting big data to good use as they look to analyse what products their customers are viewing and buying, in order to make suggestions about other things that they may wish to purchase. Being able to analyse their customer’s data also enables specific products to be offered for certain types of the year, with seasons and events such as Halloween is a prime example.

Ending poverty

While it may take many years to really bring the levels of poverty down around the world, big data is playing a role in the fight already. Data could be extracted from developing nations and those struck by poverty, with services then able to determine which areas would benefit from better education or improved healthcare. It could also be crucial when it comes to aiding those struck by natural disasters too, sending the right people and equipment to the places where they would be most effective.

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