Top 5 Messaging Apps for Mobile

Mobile messaging has become very common these days. Be it any smartphone, people are enjoying the different mobile applications that have been launched or are being launched. All these applications have become very popular. This is not only because these applications allow one to chat, but also provide other services like that of enhanced security, free calling, making video calls for free and other services as well.

We also know that the market is flooded with a number of applications like Facebook messenger, skype, iMessage and many other applications. All these applications offer services that are beyond simple texting.

top messaging apps for mobile


Top Messaging Apps for Mobile Phones

In this article, we will be detailing you about top 5 messaging applications for mobile. They are as follows:

  • WhatsApp :

It is the most popular application that has been designed for texting. The users can send messages and can also make calls and that too without any charge from their cellular network. Users can chat, make calls, and that too to other country. It has also introduced end-to-end encryption for security reasons. Videos and photos can be sent instantly. Not only this, voice message can also be sent along with documents, PDFs, and many other documents within the app.

  • Viber :

All the windows users, Mac users, Linux users and android users, Viber helps you to connect freely with your friends and family. You can send messages freely and also make calls to others. The calls can be made to any part of the country on any device or network. The quality of the voice calls, video calls and messages is HD in nature. The calls can be made to friends and relatives at low price.

  • LINE Mobile :

This is a mobile messaging application that has social networking and gaming feature pre-installed in it. Line messaging can be used for free in one-on-one group chats with your friends. You can call your friends anytime as video and voice calls are free, both domestically and internationally.

  • Snapchat :

It is an application that works in a unique way. You can send multimedia messages. This is a special feature of Snapchat, in this feature, after sending the messages, the messages self-destruct themselves after the recipients have viewed them. But this feature of Snapchat has also made the application controversial in nature. Snaps can be very easily sent to other in the form of short video or a photo. It also includes filters, effects and drawings. A new feature has been recently introduced in Snapchat known as Memories. With the help of this feature, you can save the snaps in their private storage area.

  • Google Hangout :

This is a feature that can be used by anyone who has a Google account. You can easily message, make calls and video calls to your friends and family with the help of this application. One-on-one message can also be sent along with group chats. Along with that, emojis, photos, maps, stickers and GIFs can also be sent.

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