5 Tips for Running a Successful Contest on Facebook

A contest has one main purpose: to get attention! Drawing attention to your online business brings in more customers and potential clients.

If you really want to get their attention, provide a contest they can get excited about. How do you make running a contest on Facebook successful? Here are some tips to get you started!


Make Sharing Fun

Visitors who enter your contest should be offered motivation to share it with others. The best way to do this is to give them more entries for each person that clicks on a particular share link.

Let them know how many additional entries they’ll receive and you’ll at least double the original number of entries. What better way to get attention from a brand-new audience than getting introduced through a fun contest?

Running a Contest on Facebook with a Deadline

It’s important to stick to the deadline when visitors are participating in your game. If you promise to announce the winner at a certain time, stick to the plan. When you follow through with promised information, it shows them you feel they are important.

It also gives them an idea of what it would be like to do business with you. Grow trust with your customers before they even make a purchase, and your audience will be more loyal.

Valuable Prizes Make a Difference

Having a contest for an item visitor can buy on their own at a low price is not productive. Make sure the prize you’re offering represents your company but does so in a unique way. Provide a prize they can’t find anywhere else.

If they really like your business, they will wear the item or share it with friends proudly. This helps them feel good about what they’ve won and it expands your potential customer base further.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on the prize. Even if you make gift certificates, it’s an item that is unique to your business. It’s most important to make it special and representative of how you feel about your customer base.

Clearly Post the Rules

Nothing hurts credibility like a situation where you look like you didn’t follow through. Avoid this event and clearly post the rules and eligibility requirements from the start. Visitors should understand what is required, when it’s required and when the contest is over.

If you state these facts up front, from the beginning, you’ll avoid blowback when the winner is announced. It also gives your business a higher level of credibility. Even first-time visitors can appreciate the transparency that is shared in an online game like this.

Budget for Contest Marketing

Set your budget first and determine how much you want to spend sharing the contest. Whether you post on your company page or purchase Facebook ads is dependent on the size of your audience. If you’ve only connected with a few people so far, it may be worth paying for an ad.

However, if you have a large group of fans you want to expand, it might be enough to simply post the contest on the page you already run. Brainstorm with your team to see what method helps you reach your goals faster.

Run a Great Contest

There is nothing like expert advice when you start an online adventure like this. Check in with our professionals and let us answer any questions you have.

We make it our business to ensure your business grows profitably and successfully. Contact us today for tips on running a contest on Facebook and making it great!

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