3 Things Your eCommerce Sales Funnel Needs

Title: 3 things your ecommerce sales funnel needs

There are many factors defining success or failure of your business and effective sales funnel is one of the most determining points here. It is like the salt of your company: it attracts new clients, encourage them to buy and come back to you again.


What sales funnel is about?

We can say it is a system that handles brand message exchange that way to direct potential customers to purchases and turns leads into potential customers, into payable client at the next stage and then into a returning client.

If we talk about leads we mean people who have given us contact information and directed on potential opportunity of sales.

Potential customers, after mutual and two-sided interaction, showed that they are ready to make a buying decision.

There numerous options for both type clients in marketing.

When we talk about a funnel itself, we should imagine a krater on the top and its narrowing to the bottom. It happens so, as we can consider many people as our loyal clients on the start, but a lot of them will skip us later on further stages.

Take such a situation as an advantage as you will devote time to those who are really interested in you. Your time and efforts are important and expensive resources, there is no reason to spoil them left, right and center. Great opportunity to promote your brand and boost you revenue is ad network for publisher and advertiser. Ad network provides highest rates for all publisher and work with different pricing models – CPI, CPM, CPC.

Little spoiler: the approach itself is very useful, but the strategy cannot be built, implemented and give results just after a night. Its basic principles are very simple for understanding.

The situation will become even clear in case you will mind the following points:

Work on your landing page

Most of us perceive information visually and perfect design will be a great help here. In addition to external attraction, add all necessary information your visitor should know about next steps.

  • Call-to-actions should be visible almost immediately after coming. It should be clear and neat to understand what you will get here.
  • One focus or message for one landing page.
  • Add related video about your offer, people like it.

Include various types of traffic to invite clients

Perfect content by itself is only half of the deal, but they don’t work if you postpone attracting clients. It is not about lazy searching, your aim is to find target audience. The ways you can get it:

  • PPC marketing campaigns and other pricing models global ad networks provides. The point here is about being charged for each time when your ad was clicked. Users, in their turn, will get to your landing page where they can study your offer in details.

Note: redirection to your homepage will not work, the users are not likely to search what caused their attention and will certainly leave you soon.

  • Social networks. This source can cover three main aspects:
    • brand awareness;
    • retention;
    • lead generation.

Write blogs

Here you have to solve challenging tasks. First of all, you should create interesting, helpful and useful content about solving some typical problems. To earn your clients’ trust, you should show them you treat them as friends and partners, but not like a talking purse. So, only after it you can show that you have a product that can cope with this or that problem.

Blogs with relevant information will help you to attract people, to educate and instruct them. It is a serious art that can be considered as a version of ad letter.

People are ready to trust if they feel you are different from others.

Final thoughts

Getting your brand to a new level is not expected to be very easy, you remember that Rome was built for more than a day. Be ready to accept many challenges, ups and downs to get the results that will satisfy you. Good luck!

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