8 Things To Ensure Before Starting A SEO Consulting Business

things to ensure before starting seo consulting business

Search engine optimization is a key marketing tactic that every online business has to leverage to grow and sustain their presence. This is the technique that enables your website to reach the top of the search rankings and secure a place there. While reaching there is a challenge itself, sustaining the spot is even tougher in the competitive landscape. Hence, ongoing SEO becomes an imperative requirement for businesses.

While some may want to have an in-house team for handling SEO, others prefer to outsource the services from an agency. As a growing number is looking for the latter option, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of SEO consulting agencies today. So if you are planning to capitalize on this booming demand with a business that caters these services to clients, here are some things that you should ensure before exploring this growing domain which you can check on the seooneclick.com/digital-marketing-agency-phoenix/


Ensure that you have the relevant skill set

SEO is a set of complex techniques that need to be mastered well to get tangible results in the form of high search rankings. Before starting a consulting business in this landscape, you need to have adequate skills and expertise in the entire techniques. These range from identifying and analyzing the relevant keywords to coming up with qualitative content, using Google Analytics, writing good meta tags and meta descriptions, and more. Unless you have the complete knowledge of all that goes into SEO, you will not be able to impress the clients enough.

Gather practical experience as well

While having the right skill set is important, you cannot expect to do well unless you have hands-on experience as well. Working with a professional consultancy as a part of your prep for opening up your own is a great idea. Not only will it give you a practical and real-world experience of SEO techniques, but also provide insight into how the business actually works. You will get plenty of exposure to the clients and know more about dealing with them. Some time spent in the industry landscape is definitely a valuable add-on for your skill set.

Strengthen your presence first

The best sales pitch that you can build for your SEO consulting business can be in the form of the top position on search rankings for your own business. This will be a practical demo of your skills and capabilities because the clients will be impressed enough by a new business ranking on the top. Have a proper strategy in place, with a good-looking and full-featured website to showcase your presence online. Also, chalk out a result-oriented SEO plan to get it high on search rankings. A good presence across social media can be a bonus for your promotional tactics.

Pricing of the services also matters

When you start your SEO consulting business, you need to be very careful about pricing your services. Check the prevailing market trends as well as competitors’ pricing structure to get a fair idea about the optimal prices. According to the article How Much To Charge For SEO Services – Why You Must Charge More, you should charge on a case by case basis. It is important to determine a client’s needs, their competitors, and what their competition is doing with SEO. Your price should be based off of the amount of work is needed to catch them up to their competition.

Be abreast with the latest trends

Since the SEO service domain is a competitive one, you need to go the extra mile to have a distinctive presence. Unless you have something very impressive to offer to the clients, there will be no reason that they should choose you over the others. It is a great idea to know all about the latest trends in the industry and reflect them in your service expertise. Have a mention of these trends on your website and talk about implementing them when you pitch the clients. Tell them how you can help them to get results faster and sustain them as well by following the latest trends in the industry.

Invest in relationships with the clients

Clients matter the most for any business, whether it is an SEO consulting agency or a business that sells products. When you do start, focus on building long-term relationships rather than just selling your services. Treat each client as a unique entity and try understanding their specific challenges, needs, and goals. Accordingly, offer them tailored plans that are designed to bring definitive results for them. This mindset will not only enable you to sustain your clientage but also encourage them to bring in more clients for your businesses.

Have a proactive attitude

If you take a proactive approach for your services, the clients will have more faith in your business. Value-adding services such as a free initial site audit are a great idea to secure a long-term client for your business. This will get across the impression that you are truly interested in helping the client’s website and bailing it out in the areas where it lacks. Similarly, you can be proactive and offer them extra services beyond the ones they are looking for. At the same time, ensure that you are not too pushy because this may repel them.

Share actionable insights and reports

When it comes to establishing yourself as a successful SEO consulting firm, it is results that matter the most. Having the client’s site ranking on the top within the committed time frame is the actual benchmark of your service quality. Additionally, sharing actionable insights and reports with the clients is crucial because it indicates professionalism and integrity. Establish a proper work methodology and be available to the clients to address their problems and act on their feedback when needed.

Starting an SEO consulting business requires a lot of commitment and dedication. The biggest challenge is to convince the clients to stay with you even when the results may be elusive for some of them. Therefore, you need to start with conviction to deliver the best services and persevere until you are able to bring the best results for your clients.

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