The Development History of Mouse

With the popularization of computers, computers have appeared in cafes, libraries, conference rooms and other places. With the appearance of computers, it is naturally the mouse. But do you know the history of mouse development?

We all know that computers were first developed for military applications. The earliest mouse core technology was applied to military affairs. And the military believed that the invention was a military secret. People did not know about the technology until a long time later.

The mouse we are using today appeared in 1994 and was invented by Stanford University. At that time, it was made of wood with only one independent button on it. In the first version of the mouse, the bottom consists of two vertical wheels. It can only move left and right or back and forth. The reason why the mouse is called the mouse is that the data cable reminds people of the tail of the mouse.


Later, a company developed trackball technology and applied it to the mouse. This is the prototype of the mouse we use today. The company cooperated with Apple to introduce the mouse to the public in 1984.

In the following ten years, the mouse did not change much. Until 1996, the first mouse with pulley appeared on the market. It greatly improves people’s use experience. Notebook computer users will have a deep understanding of this. The touch pad provided by notebook computers does not have the function of mouse pulley. When you want to browse web pages and long documents, it becomes inconvenient. After many people buy notebook computers, they will buy mice for better use experience.

In the 1990s, optical mice appeared. This kind of mouse can feel the movement of the mouse through the contact between it and the mouse pad. In fact, the core technology of optical mouse has appeared siy improved compared with the previous optical mouse. Because of the good experience in the process of the game, it has been loved by many game lovers. Later, with the help of game lovers, tnce the 1980s. However, due to the high cost, there has been no way to launch it.

In 2004, people introduced laser mouse on the basis of optical mouse. The accuracy of the laser mouse is greatlhe mouse was widely used.


Time has come to the 21st century, and the mouse has begun to disconnect from the data cable. Today people will choose to buy mice without data cable. Such as Bluetooth mouse, wireless mouse, ergonomic mouse. The mouse can be connected to electronic devices through Bluetooth or its own connector. Allowing people to enjoy the pleasure of remote control. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer every time. Especially when watching movies, sitting on the bed can control the computer through the mouse. It is convenient and good for eyes. HONOR Bluetooth Mouse does a good job in this respect, so people like to buy HONOR Bluetooth Mouse to meet their needs.

Compared with the earliest mouse that had only one button and could not move flexibly. The mouse can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes. And some mice have added many side keys for users to use. What functions the mouse will have in the future?

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