Some Established Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace

Looking for investment opportunities or the chance to buy an established business for sale that is profitable and easy to run? Shopify’s very own ExchangeMarketplace has many such businesses listed, and here we focus on three very good opportunities.

Some Established Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace


Three Established Business For Sale

Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace lists various Shopify e-commerce businesses for sale. You can find listings of large and small enterprises, in various industries, and different business styles like drop ship, retail, established the business, and so on.

If you have the funds to invest in an established business venture, here are three not-to-miss opportunities:

Foosball Master


This shop sells tabletop-sports paraphernalia, mainly Foosball tables and accessories. The seller designed the store to sell high ticket items for indoor recreation. Launched in October 2016, the store has generated sales to the value of $122,688 in the year 2017. The store has over 250 product SKUs and more can be added from other suppliers. The average profit margin on products is 30%. There are a few select high-priced items that sell once or twice each month yielding a huge profit margin. Reason for selling is that the owner has another larger business that demands more of his time. The clean and sleek site design makes it easy for the customers to browse items of their choice and quickly make a purchase.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 967 Revenue $6,158 Profit $3,000

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $30/month Domain – $1/month

Time to Spend: Around 10 hours per week

Besides Foosball equipment, the store also sells Air Hockey and Ping Pong Tables. The site is promoted mainly using Adwords/Adsense. Social media accounts have also been set up for the shop. The network of suppliers will be given to the buyer. Most of the suppliers have a MAP policy in place to prevent unfair pricing policies by their retailers. There are many more products from the suppliers, in-line with the shop’s product lines, that can be added to the inventory to expand the offerings to customers.

The seller will transfer the Website, Domain Name, Supplier List, Product Photos, Social Media Accounts, and Logo and Branding Assets. Buyer will receive full support from the current owner through the transition and also after the sale. Seller suggests a gradual increase in Adwords account spending to promote the business and increase traffic and customer base.

Tango Charlie Apparel

This apparel store has recorded steady growth in product offerings, revenue, and profits over the years. It still has a high potential for growth. The reason it has been put up for sale is that the seller has other larger ventures to manage. The current owner has put in a lot of time and effort in developing the business. This includes site design, Kit and Conversion integration, and Facebook Ads integration, using Google Adwords and also selling on Amazon.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 10,232 Revenue $21,438 Profit $10,000

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $150/month Domain – $8.33/month Inventory Warehouse $250/month Employees @1,800/month

Time to Spend: Around 20 hours per week

Tango Charlie Apparel has over 21,000 social followers on Instagram, and 20,000 contacts on the mailing list. This business requires minimum effort to keep it running at this current level for an additional income stream. The buyer can also try DTG and other ideas to decrease cost and expand the market. The seller assures support during and after sales.

The buyer gets the website, domain name, physical inventory, logo and branding assets, social media accounts, product photos, and personal support post-sale.


This is an online store that has been in business since 1999. Ahuva specializes in Jewish gift items for various occasions. Customers can buy everything from Jewish books, jewelry, boxes, and collectibles to Kosher foods. Nearly two decades spent in building domain reputation and setting up over 25 support domains (WordPress sites) that point to the main website. Many years spent in developing a good relationship with a large network of suppliers, many on auto-feed to sync inventory. Many suppliers dropship for this webstore, while others provide weekly shipment of products.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 20,137 Revenue $33,867 Profit $20,000

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $79/month Domain – $1.67/month Inventory Warehouse $1/month Employees $1,100/month

Time to Spend: Around 16 hours per week

This established business for sale has the potential for exponential growth in the next year and steady growth over many years if managed properly. Recently migrated to Shopify, so many marketing tools and channels are yet to be tapped. The shop has an email list of over 36,000 contacts. Established presence in more than a dozen social media sites and 25 unique ‘.com’ support domains with content. The other domains have been developed over the years to direct traffic to the webstore.

Transfer of assets includes the online shop, domain names (main shop domain and the support websites domain), physical inventory, supplier and customer contact lists, logo and branding assets, social media accounts. Personal Support is provided both during transition and post-sale.

Search on Shopify ExchangeMarketplace for numerous business opportunities. These 3 established business for sale are good revenue generators with potential for further growth. Take a look at each to decide which will suit your expectations.

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