How to Enable Skype Push to Talk Feature {Updated}

Skype Push To Talk: Skype is one of the best application for communication in the form of Video Calls, Voice Calls, Texts & Images. Basically, Skype is used on desktops to make voice or video calls to another PC. But now a days it’s getting popular among Android users also. Earlier in the starting days, Skype was not available for Android users.

But now Skype is officially available on Google Play Store for Android users which have made things easier for mobile users also. Most of the times Skype is used for business purposes to communicate between employees.  Skype can also be used to exchange medias such as images, videos, and files etc.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss that how can you  Enable Skype Push To Talk Feature. Since many users are looking to enable Skype Push To Task, so here we have written a complete detailed guide regarding this. Just follow the below-given steps and enjoy Skype.

skype push to talk


 Skype Push To Talk

As we have discussed above that Skype is one of the best application for communication purpose but there are some difficulties with this application such as Skype has a feature Push To Talk which is also known as “Skype Toggle Mute Key”. It’s a quite difficult for an ordinary user to find such feature and enable it. That’s why here I shared this guide on this topic which will help you to enable this feature.

What is ‘Skype Push to Talk’

Skype Push to Talk turn your device into Walkie Talkie whether it’s your mobile phone or desktop. Toggle mute key option will mute the microphone till you are not ready. In other words, this option will turn off your microphone and the another person will not be able to hear you until you enable it.

How to Enable Skype Push to Talk

  • At first, make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of Skype. As this feature is available only for the latest versions.
  • Now open Skype application and head to Tools and there click on Options.

skype push to talk options

  • Now you will see a list of options there and click on Advanced button.

skype push to talk advance option

  • Then a list of categories will appear on your screen. Click on Hotkeys.
  • Now you will see many features and there will be an option of “Toggle Mute(push to talk)
  • Click on Tick button in front of this feature and assign your favorite shortcut key for this feature.

skype toogle push to talk

  • That’s it, Now Skype Push to Talk feature will be enabled on your Skype application.
  • Now you can mute or unmute your Skype microphone easily with the help of Shortcut Key which you assigned in earlier steps.

skype push to talk microphone

How to Customize Hotkey’s in Skype

  • Install the latest version of Skype, Sign UP or Login to your existing Skype account.
  • Move to Tools and click on Options.
  • Click on Advanced tab and choose Hotkeys option.
  • Tick on enable Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Now select your Hotkeys for various tasks such receiving calls, Hang Up or Ignore Call. You can set any hotkey of your desire for any function.
  • Once you have selected your Hotkeys then click on Save button.
  • That’s it, Enjoy Skype!

Final Verdict:

So here was the complete guide to Enable Skype Push to Talk Feature. This feature let you mute and unmute your microphone while using the Skype application. Skype Push to Talk Mac is also available for  Mac users. If you are having any problem while enabling this feature or having any question popping up in your mind then feel free to ask it in comments section below. We would be happy to assist your problem. Keep visiting RdxTricks for more Tech stuff and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on Social Media platforms.

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