Skills Which Aspiring Architects Cannot Do Without

An architecture degree aside, aspiring architects need to possess certain specific skills to be good at their jobs. Here is a list of the ten must-have skills every architect (and aspiring architect) needs to cultivate:

  • Drawing & design skills

The primary job profile of an architect is to design and create blueprints for buildings. For this, you’ll need to be good at drawing and design. While you need not be a born artist, you certainly need to hone this skill and become better.

  • Numerical skills

A large part of an architect’s job is to arrive at the exact measurements for the properties you are designing. A single wrong calculation could be potentially devastating for the occupants of the building. That’s why your advanced math skills and grasp of engineering concepts should be excellent.

  • Divergent thinking

With cities filling-up with more people and buildings, architects have the added challenge of designing properties that can make the best use of the space available while also leaving a very small carbon footprint. This is where creativity and divergent thinking come in handy.

  • Analytical reasoning

Design problems, resource shortages, legal issues are all a common part of an architect’s job. But a good architect knows how to manage and circumvent these issues. Developing your analytical reasoning skills will help you tremendously when solving project-related problems.

  • Communication skills

Architects work with a large number of people – clients, material suppliers, contractors, employment agencies, building inspectors, and so on. Knowing how to communicate with them positively and professionally will make all the difference between a successful project and a failed one. This is where it helps to develop your communication skills.

  • Leadership skills

Even if you don’t start your own practice, you will be managing a group of people during the construction process. For this, you need to have excellent leadership skills to manage your teams, delegate work, monitor performance, and keep the team motivated.

  • Software skills & computer literacy

These days, technology is an integral part of architecture and construction. Having specialized CAD/CAM software skills will be an excellent addition to your skillset. But aside this, you need to have some basic computer skills, so that you can efficiently delegate, record, and track the completion rate of the project.

  • Project management skills

What a captain is to a ship, an architect is to a construction project. You will need to not only design the blueprints, but also determine resource procurement and allocation, manage manpower, and ensure the building complies with the client’s specifications and the jurisdiction’s codes and policies.

You will need to use various tools to keep track of all the details of your project and effectively handle any challenges that crop up. Project management skills are vital for this.

  • Legal skills

Every jurisdiction in the US has its construction laws and building codes. It’s important that you are knowledgeable about this. This is where legal skills help.

Additionally, you should also acquaint yourself with the rights and protections given to customers and new building owners, so you can know what tasks may lead to lawsuits. One excellent way to prevent lawsuits from customers and other third parties is by purchasing architect liability insurance. This insurance covers firms and architects against any claims of errors, omissions, or negligence that is attributed to you and your team.

To learn more about this insurance, check here.

  • Customer service skills

An architect is the face of the construction project. You actively work with your customers to build them the property of their dreams. This is why it’s a must that you develop good customer service skills.

Clients are bound to get irritated by construction delays and other issues. Being good with customers will really help you here.

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