6 Signs That Your iPhone Battery Needs A Replacement

6 Signs That Your iPhone Battery Needs A Replacement

A weak battery can be a big problem for iPhone users as it can hamper your experience in more than one way. From slowing down the device performance to frequent crashes, slow loading apps and your device dying down when you need it the most, there is a lot that can happen with a battery being below par. So you should probably consider a replacement before things get worse. When do you think is the right time for replacing your iPhone battery with a new one? Here are some signs that you should be watchful about.


The device shuts down unexpectedly

If you have experienced unexpected shut downs more than once, you probably should start taking things seriously. In case the shut down occurs with a half-drained battery, the calibration may be off. You can recalibrate the device by performing a soft reset after charging it to 100%. For doing so, you will need to hold the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously till the Apple logo appears. If this does not resolve the issue, a battery replacement is the best alternative.

You own an iPhone 5s or earlier version and its battery life is terrible

The common battery woe that iPhone 5s or earlier versions come across is the shortening of the usage time. It is important to understand that batteries are consumables and they tend to lose on the amount of charging that they can hold with time. An iPhone 5s or earlier that you have been using for years should logically get a battery replacement sooner rather than later. It is probably the best thing to do of you cannot go without charging the phone for more than two hours.

An iPhone 6s or later feels sluggish

Even those owning the relatively newer versions of iPhone can experience sluggishness when they have used the device for some years. Throttling is another concern for those running iOS 11.3 or later. You can identify this issue by tapping the Settings, selecting the Battery option and then selecting Battery Health Beta. If you see a notification under Peak Performance Capability saying that you should opt for a battery replacement, it is an indication that you should look for a new one. A slow-performing device, anyways, needs to be checked by an expert and a battery replacement should be sought if they suggest it.

Your device works only when plugged in

If you plug in the phone for hours and hours and it still powers out once you unplug it, you concern would definitely be that my iPhone won’t charge. Similarly, you may see that the phone takes longer than usual to get charged but still fails to reach full charging. This is a sure sign that the battery should be replaced immediately because the phone may later be unable to boot up even when plugged if the battery goes completely dead. Rather than waiting for the worse to happen, it is better to take a step when there is still time.

Your iPhone gets heated up on charging

Another indication that you should consider a replacement is the battery generating heat when it recharges. Smartphone batteries are designed to internalize the heat so that the other parts of the device are not affected. Unwarranted heating of the device is a sign that something is amiss with its battery and it should be replaced by a new one before any extensive damage happens to the other parts of the phone. Replacing a battery is a cost-effective alternative to having it repaired later, which is most likely to happen you fail to address the issue in time and a major damage is caused due to overheating.

A battery status app warrants a replacement

A smart and sure way to check whether a replacement is needed is by installing an app that can check the status of your device’s battery. You can find several such apps on the App Store. One of these can be downloaded and opened up to find the wear level of the iPhone battery. You will get a clear idea about the battery’s health and performance and can opt for a replacement if these are below an optimal level.

While being vigilant about these indications is something that smart iPhone owners should do, a poor performance does not always warrant a battery replacement. When you experience any glitches, you should first show the device to an expert so that they can have a good look at it and find out the actual problem. Timely replacement of your phone battery is recommended to ensure a seamless experience and prolonged device life.

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