How to Set up Strava Live Segments on Garmin Devices?

Strava live segments provide real-time updates for each & every ride you take on your sports bicycle. The device enables you to receive live notifications when riding a bicycle as well as let you make comparisons between you and your friends riding time, along with the current KOM or QOM.

Strava offers the best cycling computers that let you check the distance left to go according to your target, and the time left for the ride. According to a news, Strava Live Segments will now be available on the Garmin Edge 520 and will also be available on Garmin Edge 810, 1000, and 510 devices. These live segments on Garmin will only be available to athletes who subscribe to Strava Premium.

How to Set up Strava Live Segments on Garmin Devices?

How Does It Work?

So how do Garmin devices work on Strava from a technical standpoint? Well, you’ll get two options here – The website of Strava, and the Garmin Edge unit with Garmin Connect as a middleman in the process.

How to Set up Strava Live Segments on Garmin Devices?

Setting up Strava Live Segments on any of the Garmin devices is simple. The easiest way to do the process is to log in to Strava using your computer and select the segments you want to use. Get your Garmin Connect account sync with your Strava account, and if you’re using Garmin Connect on your smartphone, then the starred or selected sections should be transferred to your device using Bluetooth.

Please Note: Garmin computers are made to use for Garmin Segments only, not Strava, you can check the guidelines by opening Garmin Connect to check your device settings.

Just after you starred your segments on Strava, you need to sync all these segments to your Garmin device. For that, you need to ensure that your Garmin device will be syncing with your Strava segments and not with the Garmin segments.

To make this happen, you need to launch Garmin Connect on your iPhone device, and need to go to the ‘More’ tab given in the bottom right corner and tap on the ‘Segments’ to use Strava or Garmin segments. To make all the changes, simply tap on the menu button given on the top right and switch the segment preference.

Obviously, in the world of advanced technology, Garmin & Strava Live Segments have taken a big step forward that opens a lot of opportunities for the future integration.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I really hope it shed some light on Garmin and Strava Live Segments update. Also, please feel free to contact Garmin customer support & services in case of any question related to Garmin map updates & other tech issues. The Garmin support team is always there to support you in all kinds of queries & technical glitches. You just need to call their support number to avail the support service from professional experts that remain available 24×7 for your help.


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