Sell Technology On DDP Terms With An Expert IOR

For Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipments, the seller is responsible for paying all costs incurred while importing, including import duties and taxes. This is an attractive method for buyers because the risk and obligations associated with international shipping are placed on the seller not the buyer.

Responsibility is transferred to the buyer once the shipment has arrived at the designated destination.With DDP terms, there are rules that must be followed to prevent goods from getting stuck at customs or any other potentially costly delays. Foreign laws and regulations need to be well understood, otherwise it is a risk to the buyer to receive on DDP terms.

As part of the arrangement between seller and buyer, an Importer of Record can be the designated entity to ship the goods. Technology hardware is highly regulated, so to ship this equipment properly and quickly, an experienced IOR is necessary.

Value-added resellers, electronics manufacturers, cloud service providers, and those working in the data center space who are selling, distributing, or relocating to foreign countries know how difficult it can be to move equipment across borders. Companies that require delivery on DDP terms should speak with an IOR company with dependable experience and a broad international reach.

An expert company like TecEx can act as Importer of Record in 160 countries and guarantee streamlined service and easy customs clearance.They will apply for all required import permits, licenses, arrange brokerage and clearance, and procure local delivery in the destination.

Their process begins with obtaining a comprehensive landed cost quote that takes less than a minute to complete through their customer portal. This includes a duty and tax estimate. Upon accepting the quote, simply submit a complete commercial invoice with relevant HS codes to start customs pre-approval.

In about 1-3 days, the team will identify all country or part-specific import permits, licenses, and compliance requirements and apply for these on the seller’s behalf. Once approved, shipping instructions will be sent. Customs clearance takes between 3-7 days an depends on the rules and regulations of the nation in question. As the Importer of Record,TecExachieves compliant and efficient customs clearance because they know what is required and how to properly and completely fill out the associated documents.

In addition, in over 40 countries, they’re able to apply on the seller’s behalf for an Import VAT/Tax refund once clearance has been achieved. They specialise in the recovery of taxes incurred by networking companies shipping equipment to data centres abroad. These taxes include import VAT; customs taxes; co-location taxes and taxes on the local purchase of equipment.Note that refund opportunities differ depending on the country of incorporation and on the company applying for the refund.

DDP shipments come with some risk to the seller, especially if they’re not familiar and up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations associated with border control and customs. By partnering with an Importer of Record with a solid record of experience shipping to essentially any desired foreign nation, both seller and buyer can rest assured their technology hardware will arrive quickly and at lower costs.

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