Review About New In App Shopping Feature of Instagram

Review About New In App Shopping Feature of Instagram


Instagram and its new update:

Things are getting easier day by day by means of social media apps and their new updates. One such easiness provided by the new feature of one of the most used social apps called Instagram is shopping.

Shopping is one of the most loved activities of women. They love to shop new dresses, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. When all these things are made available while sitting at home by just scrolling the mobile’s screen and ordering the stuff, then what’s better than this.

Instagram has come up with the new in app shopping feature that makes a million of stores available for you. Through this awesome feature, you can order anything you like instantly. Everything will be made accessible to you based on your demands. There are many platforms that are taking shopping to this new level like Amazon and Pinterest.

Now, Instagram has also stepped towards this new era of shopping. From now onwards, the famous photo sharing app Instagram will make in-app checkout enabled for its posts that people can shop. Through this process of selling and buying things by means of the mobile app Instagram expects to become a customized digital mall for everyone.

Taking shopping to a new direction:

A year before, the Instagram app made it possible for the people to shop posts that appeared in one’s feed. If anyone is following a particular brand, he or she will be viewing a post related to that specific brand.

The app also proposed an extra space for the purpose of shopping by means of Explore. If you enter the tab saying Explore, you can find an entire section for shopping. The section is filled with all the posts that one can shop from accounts or brands followed and their Instagram likes. Those brands or accounts are also made accessible that Instagram thinks you will like on the basis of one’s browsing behavior. You just need to tap on a post for all the details regarding the product.

New update better than the old version:

According to Instagram, more than 130 million people open these tags on a monthly basis, browsing all over the posts from different brands; whether big or small. The previous process of purchasing things was a bit annoying.

The link of the product navigated to the mobile site, that opened up within the app’s platform, and then an annoying checkout process is brought up. In this way, one easily loses its place. Also, it was quite awkward and annoying to enter the information of credit card on a mobile platform layered on top of another one.

But now things have been changed. The product management lead of the novel feature of Instagram, Ashley Yuki, says, “Instead of having to go through this clunky mobile web flow and checking out, you can now check out directly on Instagram.” Thus, it can be said that the app is moving continuously on the path of improvement and novelty.

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