How to Restore Contacts Without Losing Data

How to Restore Contacts Without Losing Data

Those days are long gone when one has to memorize telephone numbers in order to contact their loved ones. This has been made possible because of the evolution of mobile phones. With the help of a mobile phone, one can contact their friends, family, colleagues, etc. as long as they have their number. Without having ones’ contact number, it is impossible to contact that person. Therefore contact numbers are extremely crucial.

From one part of the world to the other part of the world communication has been made possible with the help of Smartphones. In order to recover lost contacts, one need to save there somewhere. This can be made possible with the help of Google contacts backup service.

Google contacts are those that are linked with your Google Drive, account, photos, etc. You can also choose to import contacts from your sim card to your Google contacts. In this way, through Google Contact Backup service you will be able to back up all your contacts in case any misfortune occurs. One can lose the contacts by accidentally deleting them or by formatting their phone. Therefore it is necessary to have a recovery service in order to restore Google contacts.

Our contact list is increasing day by day as we get to know more people. To protect it from any type of data loss disaster one should use the cloud to cloud daily backup service to secure their cloud storage. Google contacts Data loss protection offers automatic daily backup, local downloads, disaster recovery, version control, and secure migration.

Need To Recover Google Contacts

Losing someone’s contact number can cause tremendous difficulty. Google provides the facility to restore lost contacts, within 30 days of deleting them. Google contacts backup provides independent cloud storage with secure data encryption as well as a granular recovery.

Spinbackup is cloud-based data protection designed for MS Office 365 and G suite. Features of spinbackup include:

1. Backup and recovery – Spin backup protect your organization from Data loss using a disaster recovery plan and cloud to cloud automatic daily backup. Thus, securing cloud storage on GCP and AWS.

2. Risky Apps AuditSpinbackup identifies and then blacklists any risky app that is connected to your important data. It avoids data breach in your organization and protects it from data leak and insider threats.

3. Protection against Ransomware – It protects your sensitive SaaS data against ransomware. It has an automatic 24/7 available monitoring service and an advanced incident response plan which helps it to do so.

Spinbackup provides cloud cyber security and cloud to cloud backup. It provides unlimited Storage for MS Office 365 and G Suite. It not only protects your organization from ransomware and insider threats but from human errors as well. This is because it easily identified business risks and threats related to security.

It back-up all your sensitive data to secure cloud storage. Thus, it saves your time as well as your money. Spinbackup is worldwide used across Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA. Spin backup is also available for individuals; it provides free storage of up 4 GB. It keeps your critical photos, documents, contacts, messages, tasks, and events in secure cloud storage. It also protects your personal data from ransomware.

Therefore spinbackup is a combination of a backup service and a cyber-security service. Its two in one facility has been proven to be useful to many companies. On a daily basis, about 49% of companies are facing the loss of data every month. Mostly because of human factor and ransomware. This problem can be solved with the help of spinbackup.

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