Reliance Jio AGM: First Ever VR360 Annual General Meeting in the World

Chairman of Reliance Jio Industries Mr. Mukesh Ambani addressed the Annual General Meeting of the company today. The best thing about this meeting was that it was done via VR360 which means that the meeting could be watched with the help of any VR. Virtual Reality gives you access to watch the video from a 360-degree angle.

This Annual General Meeting was live on Youtube and it got 30k views. If you have any VR then you can enjoy this AGM in 360 Degree angle view with the help VR. Jio is the first ever company in the world who has done any Annual General Meeting in VR360 Degree.

It is expected that around 35,000 people from general public and 6,000 RIL employees our of 2,50,000 workforce saw the AGM on the VR headset.

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Jio Launched 4g Feature Phone

In this meeting, Mukesh Ambani announced the Jio Feature Phone. The phone will be available for booking from 24th August on payment of a refundable security deposit of Rs.1500/-

Jio said that this deposit of Rs.1500/- will be refunded to the user after 36 months so the effective price of the mobile phone will be zero. This feature mobile phone of Jio has calls and text messaging over the voice command. It will have Internet Surfing and cable to connect the device to your TV.

On this JioPhone voice calls will always be free said “Mukesh Ambani”. The company is targeting to make 5 million Jio phones available every week. The Jio phone will automatically send a distress message to your emergency contacts when you press and hold the ‘5’ button. This feature phone will even send your location. Integration with local police services and other emergency services will be arriving soon.

Jio has done AGM Live VR360 Degree First Time Ever in the World

Annual General Meeting of Jio was done live on Youtube with VR360 degree feature. Reliance has become the first ever company to hold the AGM Live with VR360 Degree in the world. AGM of Jio has crossed 30k views on Youtube, If you want to watch Jio AGM Live then you can watch it here from this Link.

Jio AGM VR360 Photos


Final Verdict:

Reliance Jio has done the innovative thing as expected. It was the very first Annual General Meeting in the world which was broadcased via VR360 Degree. Not even a single Annual General Meeting had adopted this method of VR360 yet. We can expect more innovative things from Jio in upcoming days.

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