How to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive

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Data loss is a painful experience for all the people living in this digital age. Typically one loses data when there is physical damage to the hard drive and such scenarios are irreversible. In such cases, you can hire data recovery professionals.

However, physical damage is not always the case. Logical data loss is another factor in data loss. In this case, you can use a data recovery software and fix the issue.

When there is logical data loss, the Operating System is unable to find the lost data and this is where 3rd party software come handy. Here we will use EaseUS software for this guide of data loss.


Data recovery options

You may sometimes accidentally format your disk and realize that your important files and documents are gone. Such situations arise when a disk crashes and asks the computer for a format. Such kind of data losses are common and EaseUS can help you retrieve the files in such a case. EaseUS can recover a host of different files and the process isn’t too complicated either.

Symptoms of a corrupted hard drive

If you are having a corrupted hard drive then either you will be unable to use it or you will have the following symptoms:

· File being displayed as “RAW”.

· File name containing unfamiliar characters.

· Messages like “Sector not found”.

· Windows asking to format the drive.

The Recovery

After you have downloaded and installed the EaseUS software, run it and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select the scan location.

· Check if all the drives are connected and are recognized by the software, if required refresh the hard disk.

· Left click on the drive from which the data was lost.

· Now click Scan.

Step 2: Now you will have to wait till the scanning is complete to get the results.

· The time taken by the EaseUS to complete the scan depends on how much disk space is remaining in the particular hard drive.

· You will see that the files that were deleted will be displayed first followed by all the lost data.

· Next you have the option to recover the scanned files while the scanning process is still running.

Step 3: Once done with the scanning, you can now filter the result and start recovery.

· Lost Partition Files: If the drive was formatted recently then more lost data will be found.

· Extra Files: Some raw files will also be found, the names and file location of which has been lost.

· Filter: Helps you look for a specific file.

· Now select the files you want and click the Recover button

How to fix the corrupted drive?

Now that you have learnt how to successfully recover lost files using EaseUS. Let us go through two important tips that will help you repair the drive.

Tip 1. Run CHKDSK; CHKDSK will help in solving issues with the internal errors and bad sectors of a hard drive.

· Press Win+X to select Command Prompt(Admin).

· Click Yes and that will launch Command Prompt as Administrator.

· Type chkdsk followed by enter, this will look for errors in the hard drive.

· Type chkdsk D: /f/r/x and this will let CHKDSK fix your drive.

Tip 2. Use Disk Check to fix issues with the hard disk.

· Open ‘Computer’ and right click on the hard drive to select ‘properties’.

· Click on Tools> Tab Error checking> Check now.

· Click on ‘Check local disk’ then on ‘Start’.

· Then restart PC.

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