Real Estate Marketing Through Social Media


In recent years, social media has infiltrated practically every industry we’ve known, and created a few new industries as well. If you’re a real estate agent looking for a way to market your properties to a wider range of people, social media is the easiest method available at the moment. Here are a few ideas on how to utilize social media for your real estate marketing plans.

Open Houses On YouTube

There’s nothing like actually having a sneak peak into a property that will get the client morei interested in making the investment. Using YouTube’s live stream feature, you can easily show a property to a large audience without the stress that goes into cleaning everything when you’re done. If you want to share your broadcast with more people, consider using YoutubeStorm to buy YouTube likes – this will help direct more organic traffic towards your live stream, which means more potential buyers.

Targeted Ads On Social Media Platforms

Part of your real estate marketing plan should include working on your brand identity and brand image. Because practically everyone has a Facebook account, you can use the platform to distribute targeted ads to people you expect will be interested in buying properties from you. This is particularly useful because Facebook is more popular among boomers – the people that control a major portion of the economy and with the means to purchase real estate. If you’re looking to market your properties to millennials (as they are likely at the age where one would think of buying property), you’re better off using Instagram for your ad campaign. Use both social media platforms to build your brand identity as the source of all things real estate.

Instagram And Pinterest To Share Images Of Your Properties

As we’ve previously mentioned, the best way to attract potential buyers in real estate is to give them a preview of what to expect. Take high quality photos of your listings, and you can post them on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure to watermark the photos with your brand logo, preferably with your contact details included. Yes, they can usually contact you through your social media profile, but it doesn’t hurt to give them options.

A Note On Search Engine Optimization

As with any content you share online, SEO is a must if you want to get any serious traffic directed towards you. By using the correct keywords (the same ones that potential clients are using when searching online) you are making it easier for interested clients to find you. This means that a larger proportion of visitors to your website are people who are actively searching for real estate to purchase, and not just window shopping. After all, you don’t want to waste your time and energy with someone that isn’t serious about buying anything.

In the end, social media is an excellent tool to market your real estate business, allowing you to reach more potential clients. By utilizing this tool, you can expand your business easily, and make more sales.

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