PureVPN Review – A Perfect Combo of Security & Speed

During the days of the Second World War, governments had discovered ways that helped them to intercept all communications coming from the enemy fronts. Even the most substantial encryption standards of the era were breached, and that helped the governments to get valuable intelligence regarding the enemy’s next move.


As the means of communication changed, so did the methods of surveillance. For instance, the American government could monitor communications made through cell phones or radio phones back in the 1980s. This is how they managed to run an operation on Pablo Escobar in Colombia successfully.

Today, most governments around the world can monitor through the communications made via internet-connected devices. According to the information leaked by the infamous whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, intelligence agencies can easily hack into camera devices and can see through precisely what is happening on the other end. According to Edward Snowden, it was common for spies to use the technology to stalk famous models, or even their spouses and girlfriends, and keep an eye over them in their most intimate moments.

It is easy to conclude that not much is private in the modern world, especially on the internet. And there’s no internet freedom either. Censorship is common in most countries around the world. Countries, such as China and Iran, actively block much of the internet in their country. In other countries, governments restrict certain features from working in their territories; for instance, VoIP services are blocked in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we find streaming channels also following similar trends by making their services challenging to access from other regions. It is common for streaming channels to keep their services restricted to a few countries only. Apart from Netflix, most other streaming services are only available in a handful of states. Even Netflix offers access to different libraries in different regions, keeping its best version saved for the US alone.

While problems such as these are severely affecting netizens from all over the world, there is still hope for them. While governments and capitalists continue to favor restrictions and censorships, some come out as heroes and offer us with complete internet freedom. One of the heroes of modern times is PureVPN.


PureVPN Review – Is PureVPN Safe?

PureVPN is considered as one of the most secure VPN services available. The service is renowned for offering the best value for money.


Apart from offering the best encryption standards around, the company is also a certified no-log VPN. This is confirmed by an external audited done by Altius IT. This means that the service doesn’t store any kind of logs of the VPN users.

PureVPN for Privacy & Security

Online privacy and security have been a concern for most people around the world. As mentioned above, multiple governments have been active in the field of online surveillance. Spies are in abundance, and so are tools that allow government-sponsored agencies to keep an eye on people on the internet. In worst-case scenarios, they can hack into our internet-connected devices and even spy us through our cameras.

We just need to read what Edward Snowden leaked to the public, and that would be enough to confirm our fears regarding the lack of online privacy.

This is precisely why people need to take matters into their own hands and ensure that they remain private and secure. This is where PureVPN comes in, as it offers the best privacy and security to the users.

PureVPN offers 256-bit end-to-end encryption to its users. This makes sure that no matter how powerful the surveillance agency is, they can’t monitor your online communications. Even the most experienced hackers cannot bypass the encryption standards on offer by PureVPN.

When you connect to PureVPN, your online communications will pass through an encrypted tunnel before reaching its destination on the internet. This way, your real identity would remain masked under a different IP address, and the content of your traffic shall remain private and secure.

Other than that, PureVPN has got over 300,000+ IP addresses that you can use to mask your original identity. Even if a hacker or surveillance agency tries to monitor you, they’ll be looking at an identity that isn’t real and resides in a completely different location. Your actual location shall remain camouflaged.

Moreover, PureVPN is a certified no-log VPN service. This means that even the VPN service won’t be able to know who you are or what you are doing on the internet.

PureVPN for Streaming & Freedom

Another important feature of PureVPN is its ability to provide complete online freedom to its users. The lack of online freedom is one problem that most online streamers face.

As mentioned above, most streaming channels have the habit of keeping themselves restricted in multiple countries around the world. Even the most widely available channels, like Netflix, keep separate libraries for different regions. This is why some regions do not get access to the complete libraries that are otherwise available in other regions.


PureVPN makes sure that users get access to their favorite channels from anywhere. Channels like HBO Now, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are easily accessible with PureVPN. Also, PureVPN is one of the very few VPN services that provide access to multiple regions of Disney Plus from anywhere.

PureVPN also offers access to multiple regions of Netflix. These include the most prominent regions, such as the Netflix US, Netflix UK, and more.

PureVPN also makes sure to keep its servers optimized at all times. This guarantees the fastest streaming speeds for the user.


PureVPN reviews on Trust Pilot confirm that the service is fantastic. The service has got over three million users worldwide. PureVPN is worth spending your money on. And if it’s not, you can always go back to get your refund within 31 days. They won’t ask any questions!

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