The Power of YouTube and Video Blogging

Blogging has its advantages, but with the YouTube, is in trend a new word for video blogging has come up. People not only started enjoying the same, rather look for encouraging the fashion to promote more blogs in the category.

YouTube power and existence is increasing in households in urban and rural areas, and much of the credit goes to cheap multimedia mobiles and internet packs. Internet accessibility is growing in rural areas too, and people are becoming aware to use them and choose the relevant data.

power of youtube and video blogging

With thousands of channels getting added every month, it has been quite an experience to check out YouTube to know about trending videos and news through. Many web series and idols have risen through the YouTube platform and have gained significant publicity and reach through the same.

Adding a video link to your blogs and vice-versa adds weight to your platform, as you are using theory mix with the practical video to depict what you wanted to do today. This is one of the unique concepts, but yes if chosen and planned strategically can bring revenue and fame to the users.


Let’s know about how to benefit from the Power of YouTube and Video Blogging:

Write for readers: 

When you create your blog, website or think of marketing it through the platform. Then do know that video blogging is quite powerful but only after getting aligned with the topic. Do realize you are not creating anything for the newspaper, magazine, etc. Instead, you are writing to attract the audience to know about the subject and looking forward to watching and read more from your blog.

For videos do know to elaborate but playing them through slides should look short and sweet. As people, don’t like to read a lot by watching the video. If you are making a video through content, do remember to pause each slide so that your readers can read them while watching the slides over.

Create high-quality content

Video blogging is required to give to the point messages to the viewers. So, try not to include lengthy sentences and stories. Prepare them for short and sweet and look for the software or the camera that can help you in creating great graphics for the videos. The content of high quality has demand everywhere, so first create your YouTube channel and search for the targeted keyword you want to have and use it for optimization of your content.

Earn income through YouTube

Creating advertisements and getting them integrated into your platform today is the idea behind earning through them. Also, you can leave your link at the bottom of your service or at the end of the video, to help the user to come to you and know about your great products and services. More subscribers you have, more earning you can get through the videos as every time you update your channel and they will receive a notification for the same.

Known to Everyone

Yes, YouTube has reached such a level that even school going kids know the operation and uses it every day. Sooner it will penetrate remote locations too, so that people will start recognizing and finding it as the best place to pass their time while traveling, getting bored or just commuting to your workplace.

YouTube and blog Statistics

Like Google analytics, you can also check your YouTube channel about the people visiting your videos and watching them for minutes. The statistics will help you in knowing about the amount of time spent by an individual on your blog and watch your content through.


Thousands and even millions of subscribers can be attracted to your blog

The YouTube channel has its power due to the people subscribing and viewing that particular video. A single video can attract thousands and at times can look for millions of targeted audience too. As these followers have similar interests and at times shares particular demography also. The readers of your blog can subscribe to your newsletter, to receive daily notifications.

Multiple areas to cater

Do try to bring some variety in your video blog, like you have been posting videos of parenting, lifestyle, baby care, etc. Look forward to showing something for cars, career choices and upcoming movies to attract more client base while maintaining the old ones.

Social media platforms

For promoting your video blog and YouTube channel you can take the help of social media platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With a catchy headline, you can attract thousands of viewers from a single post.

Once you started posting, do check your statistics on that particular social media platform to know about the time at which most of your audience visited your post. It will help you in targeting and making most of that time for your blog and channel.

Promote Yourself

You can promote yourself quite well with brand awareness video marketing and can focus on the area of expertise and make some brownie points for yourself too. The same allows many brands to have access to the key customers and to attract more to their platforms. This is one of the reasons why tutorials and reviews are in high demand and also draw lots of attention.

Video blogging is in trend and will undoubtedly go on a long way. As people starting from cookery, academics to carpentry are referring to the videos and helping themselves out with the same. They have created a big scene in the market and are looking forward to reaching every corner of the globe by introducing uniqueness in their posts.

Do check analytics regularly to know your audience better, and consistent posting of articles and videos can help in establishing your brand and going a long way in your career.

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