Outsourced Link Building: Benefits of Backlink Outsourcing

Outsourced Link Building: Benefits of Backlink Outsourcing

There are many challenges in content marketing, especially when it comes to increasing your site’s SEO (search engine optimization). One of those challenges is earning backlinks, which are links on other websites that go back to your own website.

After all, you can’t simply incorporate a strategy and expect to see overnight results. You have to build an ongoing campaign and, quite possibly, enter different strategies into the campaign and tweak them along the way. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your backlinking strategy to a third party.


Convenience and free time

The first major benefit is obvious, but worth mentioning: if you hire a team to take care of your link building needs, then you no longer have to worry about it yourself.

Sure, you’ll still monitor the results and hold the company you hire accountable for doing the work, but you and your team’s time is freed up to focus on other tasks. You can work on the things that you’re an expert in, as opposed to throwing strategies at the link building wall and hoping for something to stick.

Experts working for you

Relying on professionals is one of the biggest benefits of backlink outsourcing. You can pick a company and check out their website, such as linkgraph.io, to see the services they offer. From there, you can check out their packages and see what campaign and services work best for you, as well as read reviews to see how this company helped other people and what its customers have to say about it.

If you hire a company that specializes in backlinks and other digital marketing services, then you can rest easy knowing you have an expert marketing team on your side. This company knows what it’s doing because it works in the field, has done (and continues to do) all the research, and has tested out and implemented an endless amount of campaigns and strategies.

They have results that are proven to work and can help you earn backlinks that will skyrocket your SEO and search rankings.

Long-term cost savings

Outsourcing is one of the many ways your company can save money. 74 percent of companies outsource their IT departments, and 52 percent of companies outsource their HR departments, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The point? Outsourcing is a common practice among businesses, especially those without the resources to hire lots of new employees. But you might be thinking, “How can outsourcing, which involves my business paying another company, save me money?”

For starters, hiring a new employee, especially if you have an in-depth training process and the search takes a while, can be very expensive. If no one on your team is an expert in backlinks, then your team will have to do a lot of research on the topic, which takes time to do and also takes people away from their other duties.

Even after exhaustive research, you still aren’t an expert and will be attempting strategies that are less likely to work, which costs more money and time. Paying another company for backlink services might cost more initially, but it saves you money overall. You won’t have to train this outsourced company, and they’ll implement knowledge and strategies that work more quickly.

There are many different benefits of backlink outsourcing, and what’s listed above should be reason enough for your team to hire an outside company to take over these services.

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