NBA 2K18 Tips: A Guide for Beginners

Are you all set to get hooked on your gaming console? Is the excitement for NBA 2k18 gripping you with a steady speed? Well, if all is sorted, then you might as well just gear up for any bouncy rides that this game might offer every now and then. For all the veterans in the game and all the novices that are looking to make a mark in this game, we have something for both the categories. After all, to cater to the best interests of our readers is our prime responsibility.

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In this article, we shall tell you about general and specific tips that might prove handy as you progress in the game. So kindly take note of all the tricks.

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  1. It is important that you resist using all good members at once. Make sure that you apply the strategy of using the right player at the right point so as to ensure that there exists a balance in the game. If you do this, you stand a better chance to boost your score and stats which is going to be helpful in the long run in the game. Also, we suggest that you analyse your cards well before allocating players in any match.
  2. An interesting feature in this game is daily log ins and rewards. Now most of you might feel that you wouldn’t have the time to log in every single day. However, we feel that once you start playing the game, you will soon be addicted to it and only find reasons to come back. Every day, you get a free card pack if you successfully log in. if you manage to log in 4 days consecutively, you will have a rare pack of cards in your kitty. Also, if you manage to do this for 20 days at once, you tend to get an elite pack which is not a bad deal at all.
  3. Another trick which you surely need to know is that in any case you do not log in on a particular day, you can trade your card packs for 100 coins. However, this deal is a little costly when you have just started the game. Always find time to sneak into the game every day. You can use these coins at a later stage when you would have a better need of the same. Resources in the game come handy as you move up the levels and reach the play off stage. Play carefully and don’t just spend recklessly.
  4. Use the chat room facility as often as you can. A good deal of players are there discussing about various facets of the game. This facility is fairly active and it will definitely help you learn a thing or two about the game. If you are a novice or you do not know how to venture into the game with minimum loss, we suggest that you grab the opportunity as soon as you long in.
  5. Remember, this game is all about quality than quantity. Don’t just go on hoarding cards without any rhyme or reason. Instead, sacrifice your weak cards to level up your cards that have better prospects. Improve on these skillful players to better your game. You can visit the MyCards section to see what all players you have and which ones are required to be leveled up.
  6. Ever heard of Pro players? If you have the same players as duplicate with the same skill, you can combine them in order to create a Pro version of the player. This stage does not come so early in the game but it is quite a tip for those who have managed to reach a certain level in NBA.
  7. The daily challenges and quick games are the best way to increase your currency. You see the game offers ample opportunities to improve your game. It is on the player on how well he utilizes it. In fact, these daily matches give the much required boost to your players. You can also use the currency to customize your players and work on their qualities. The currency can be used for other matters as well such as unlocking gears, shoes, clothes, etc. This aspect in the game is quite an addition to the dynamics of NBA 2k18.
  8. Do take a look at the Mission Tasks. Every day, you are given new objectives to work on. Try and complete the same and earn tickets. These tickets can be further used to buy new card packs. In fact, gamers please note that you can also connect your game to your XBox or PSN Live account to earn free money. This is a great option for level up your game without putting in much effort.
  9. Well, apart from improving your game, it is also necessary that your game has a good interface. For this to happen, you need to use the facial scan option, make sure that you scan you face and use it in the main gain. If you want your accurate photos, steer clear of any distraction son your face such as shirt collars, spectacles, etc.

All these tips and tricks have been complied keeping in mind gamers who have just started playing the NBA series. Make sure you make good use of all the advantages provided in the game. After all, it is all about gaining the competitive edge and becoming the best team in the world. So what are you waiting for? Just put on your gear and watch out for some exciting action and some stunning moves that NBA 2k18 has to offer.

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