Must Haves for Classic Car Preservations

As demonstrated by the range of classic car t-shirts and other memorabilia, vintage automobiles are an integral and indelible part of the collective American consciousness. In a sense, when you own a classic car, you own a piece of history. From a certain point of view, you could see it as a responsibility to the future to preserve a little piece of the past. When you see preserving your classic car as a responsibility that you owe to future generations, it becomes even more important to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps. After all, you are not just displaying model engines but real, operational machines.

Occasionally, you will have to get under the vehicle to perform maintenance on the vehicle’s inner workings, for which you will need jack stands. A wheeled car dolly, though not strictly necessary, makes getting underneath the vehicle much easier. A battery tender is useful if you want to maximize battery life without having to remove it altogether.

Most people do not drive their classic cars every day. If your car is in storage for a prolonged period of time, especially if you must store it outside, a car cover is absolutely essential.

Benefits of Car Covers

If you store your classic automobile outside, many of the benefits of car covers are obvious. Moisture can work its way into blemishes and scratches so small that you may not even notice they are there until your auto body becomes corroded. Car covers protect your vehicle’s finish from precipitation such as rain and snow. However, it’s not only inclement weather that can damage your car’s finish. As welcome as sunshine can be, prolonged exposure can be absolutely brutal on your car’s finish. The ultraviolet radiation can gradually fade your paint job, to say nothing of what it does to the interior.

It is not only weather conditions that pose a threat to your vehicle while outside. Trees can release pollen, sap, and dust onto your vehicle, which can be difficult to remove without damaging the paint job. A car cover also protects your finish from scratches by animals trying to get inside the vehicle as well as excrement from birds overhead.

You may not think that you need a car cover if you store your vehicle in a garage. However, it is still vulnerable to potentially corrosive dust and moisture that can damage the finish, as well as dings and scratches due to the careless activities of children and pets. The right car cover for indoors can protect your vehicle from these hazards as well.

Why Car Cover Materials Are Important

The correct materials to choose for your car cover depend on where you plan to store it and what conditions it will be exposed to. An outdoor car cover provides more protection than a vehicle stored indoors requires, while a cover intended for indoor use will not withstand conditions outside.

You can turn your garage into something of a classic car showroom with old gas station signs and a see-through car cover. This way, you can admire your classic vehicle and/or show it off to others without having to keep removing the cover or leaving it vulnerable to dust.

There are many tools involved in preserving and maintaining a classic vehicle. A car cover from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer is one of the most fundamental.


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