Movavi Video Editor To Quickly Reverse Your Videos

There are so many interesting effects that are nowadays available with video editing software but one that is incredibly hilarious and surprising is reverse. This practically means that the video is played back in reverse. In order to do this you have to use a special video editing app and a really good option that is quickly becoming hugely popular is Movavi Video Editor.

movavi video editor

One of the main reasons why Movavi Video Editor is highly recommended to reverse video is how easy this edit becomes. Everyone can reverse literally any video in just a few seconds by following the simple steps below:

  • Download The Program – Self-explanatory step followed by installing Movavi Video Editor and opening the software.
  • Add The Clip To Reverse – You want to click Add Media Files and then open the video file you are interested in reversing.
  • Create The Reverse – Go to Properties and then select Reverse.
  • Save The Video – Your reversed video is already created and you just need to export it to the desired format. The program supports all the video formats you want ranging from perfect optimizing for small screen smartphone use to HD TV format.

More To Know About Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor does not just give you the possibility to reverse your video. It also gives you access to a wealth of really interesting features and effects that help you to perfectly customize what you create. At its core the program was designed to help those that did not have advanced video editing knowledge to create really good videos that they can use wherever they want.

movavi video editor

With the program you can split the video you add in parts that can be individually edited. This is useful in various situations. For instance, you can reverse just a part of the video you add and let the other part normally run. Then, add special video effects, filters and transitions between parts of the clips. Add new videos, text and much more. Just download the trial version to see everything that is included in Movavi Video Editor and there is a pretty good possibility you will love what you find.

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