Mount Everest: How To Plan And Pay This Trip

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There is no single person in the world, who have never heard of Everest – the highest mountain in the world. This 8,884 meters beauty is a dream of every mountaineer. To climb it – is a tough and dangerous challenge that can be completed only by very strong people, who are not scared of heights and death. Every year the death record of those eager to climb the highest peak expands, as a trip to the top of Everest isn’t that simple. Nevertheless, everyone who has been there stating that this is an experience of a lifetime which you will never gain somewhere else. This article will help you plan and organize your ideal safe trip to Everest, explaining everything step by step.

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Find a reliable company

If you have never done this before – then you`ll need to hire a professional company to organize an expedition to the mountain. It`s always safer to go there in a group of people, where some of them have experience in climbing that high. Your main target would be to get to the base camp where you can stay and have all the necessary facilities for the journey. There are many companies that are ready to help you in conquering Everest. The benefit of dealing with the company is that its specialist is qualified enough to advise you on the matters of equipment, tickets, the route itself, etc.

Usually, specialized guide companies publish the list of things that you need to carry an expedition. To avoid any troubles – use professional services, where you can be guided through the whole process of preparation.

Mind the time and price

Expedition to Everest is not one-day sightseeing. For anyone who wants to climb the mountain, there is a special preparation program developed that is 6 months long. During this period you will be instructed on how to behave in the mountains, your climbing experience will be developed, and of course, you`ll be demanded to advance your physical shape. The climbing process itself takes 14 days with 7-10 hours walk per day and heavy backpack on your shoulders. However, this is not too complicated as you can always hire a porter to carry all of your stuff.

The price of the equipment, services, and tickets may mount up to $ 65,000 if you decide to go to the top with all services done for you. Be sure you have such amount of money, as this trip isn`t the cheapest one. In case of visiting Everest base camp on your own, total expenses for food and tours will mount up to $2,500-3,500 per person. The risks and obstacles that you will face in the second option are more difficult than in the first one, but if you have an experience – then there is nothing to worry about. You can save a lot if you go directly to Kathmandu, Nepal and buy all the equipment there, as it is rather cheap.

Where to start from?

The best option is to go to Nepal and start from Kathmandu. There you can find a guide, equipment and buy Nepalese SIM-card which costs $3-6. You can also acquire local currency, but dollars are also accepted here. When you hire a guide, you will travel to the base camp starting point by bus or by plane. After the arrival give yourself 4-5 days for the rest from jetlag and then go to the Jiri Trek, Saleri Trek or Phalpu Trek, which are less popular, but they are very beautiful.

Mind packing

Do not put more than 10 kilos of weight in your backpack. Estimate carefully what you need in this trip and take some time for the final decision.

When is it the best time to go there?

The best period to visit the Base camp is from March to May and from October to November. Due to the severe weather conditions, only these months are considered to be the most suitable for tourism. Car and plane crashes often happen because of the foggy weather, stormy winds and overall poor weather conditions in Nepal. To minimize the risk – try to go in the mentioned periods.

Do they have Wi-Fi?

Nepal certainly has Wi-Fi. The price of the 250 Mb package per day may cost you $5, and the problem is – the higher you go, the higher the price. There are no uninterrupted signals there, so think if you need Wi-Fi at all. Nevertheless, don`t forget to take your power banks as electricity supply will be a rare thing for you on this trip.

Is it dangerous?

Don`t think that you`ll be hanging down the topes on the top of the highest mountain in the world. If you hire an experienced guide – your trip will be safe and pleasant. It will have a lot of walking, eating strange food and seeing a bath once in a while.

What base camp would you advise?

Try visiting Gorak Shep (5164 meters above the sea). This camp has all the necessary facilities for tourists: hot water, decent food and a beautiful view of the peak. This picturesque place is a favorite destination for Hollywood stars, politicians, etc. The cost of one night is about $80, which is quite cheap for the conditions they offer. Moreover, using this popular camp, you will avoid any problems with getting there.

Do your research

Everest trip is something you need to study first. Search about how the heights of Nepal will influence your blood pressure. What you should or shouldn`t do when you`re already in the country. There is plenty of brochures that help people understand how this process looks like or you can read books and summaries here. What is more, maybe you can start your trip not only from Nepal but also from Tibet and climb the other side of the mountain. Any option is real, and you can start planning your trip right now – just be sure that you`re instructed well and that you are qualified enough by mountaineers for this trip.


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