Mobile Apps For Being Tech-Savvy With Managing Finances.

In this world of money, nothing comes at a low cost. To get what you want you to need money and for you need to earn. It really doesn’t matter whether you are an independent earner or dependent earner you just need to earn. In order to survive in this world full of earning people, you too need to earn. As digitalization is coming to the world is growing at a faster rate and everyone has their own Credit Card / Debit Card. Not only this, others are having many different methods to run their transaction. With all of these, it has become easy to keep the tracks of amount spend, amount saved per month.

In order to overcome the problems regarding budget management and financial issues, different apps have been developed for the benefits of the people, which helps in solving the problems of budget management and also financial issues.

Mobile Apps For Being Tech-Savvy With Managing Finances.


Some of the Apps are:


Savart is an easy to use app which means that investors found it easy to use and it’s not very complex to use. For those people who are thinking to earn money through mutual funds, this is the best platform for them. No third party is needed like broker’s investors can invest their money all by themselves. A minimum of as rs 10 can be invested in mutual funds and stocks. As it is easy to use, being not very complex it doesn’t matter is whether the investor is at beginner level or intermediate i.e. matured level, it is helpful to all of the investors irrespective of their levels. Unlike offline where you have to keep the records in paper, here it is all digitally managed. The core team of Savart runs a complete and continuous analysis of more than 10000 stocks and more than 10000 funds. And they provide the best advice and schemes.

One can save tax by investing in ELSS which fall under the tax exemption of section 80C through the Savart.

Being an investor everyone knows all the things about, small cap, mid cap, and large cap mutual funds and stocks. According to the one’s financial goal, one is just an inch away from investing in any of your favourite stocks. The round-off feature is also available. It means that amount invested through different linked bank accounts will be rounded off. Like if the investment is made of Rs 1295 then it will get rounded off to 1300 and the amount of Rs 5 will be automatically credit to the portfolio.

This app is considered to be good for the new investor and as it is not complex the matured investor can invest with ease.


It is considered to be the most trusted app and is ranked highest among all the categories by different blogs and magazines. One can manage all of their finances here. It is not a paid app. They bring all of one’s credit card, bills, bank accounts, and investments. This all helps to understand that where the investor is among the others. Tracking of bills, where to save and what to spend can easily be done by Mint. It also helps in managing bills and money. It reminds you of dues when and how much to pay. Saving time and money is an important benefit one can get through Mint as all the required things are in one place. With all of this one can manage a budget like never before.

Security is an important aspect of any investor it provides full protection like multi-level authorization to the account.


As one can get an idea by its name “SPLITWISE” its deals in sharing and dividing the bills and assures that every participant gets their shares. Using Split wise all the type of bills like electricity, vacation expenditures, food bills, and other bills can be shared among friends, colleagues or roommates. It splits the bills. It provides different facilities like viewing of money, keeping the tracks of money spent where and how. With the feature of Email reminder, one can set up his email and can get schedule reminder of due bills which can be paid on time. With all these facilities it is not wrong to say that it’s the best a for those people who are facing problems in splitting their bills.


Walnut manages your money and helps you in achieving your financial goal. It provides a great help in saving and also in clearing dues. Money spent by the user is securely and automatically is tracked down by the Walnut App. It provides security against the fraud. It protects the user from spam messages. Some of the important features of the walnut app are given below.

  1. It helps in saving as well as in managing all of your money
  2. Like others it also helps you in reminding the dues before the end of the month so, you don’t forget to clear the dues at the proper time.
  3. On transferring the money between different bank accounts you get charged sometimes but with Walnut it’s different you don’t need to pay any add-ons. The transfer is all free.
  4. All your bills or money spent on traveling or staying or on foods, these all records are kept so that it is easy for you to save money by calculating and analyzing your finances.


GOOGLE PAY was previously known as TEZ. It is linked directly to the user bank account. It solves the main issue of any user like adding money to the wallet and an additional KYC registration. It doesn’t matter whether the second person is using Google pay or not they can be paid through Google Pay easily by just adding anyone’s bank details. Use Google Pay to pay your mobile recharges, gas bills, water and electricity bills and many more. All you need is just to link the account of the user. It provides multi-layer of security which protects your money from frauds and also provides security against hacking. It provides the best security level. One benefit of using Google Pay is you get the reward every time you make a transaction. Every time you make a transaction you get a scratch card with the chance of winning an amount up to Rs 1000. Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik are some of the Google Pay alternatives since most of them have integrated UPI lately alongside some of them like Paytm, Mobikwik offers discounts on recharges, bill payments to weaken the competitiors.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows you to create sheets, editing of sheets and collaborations of different spreadsheets using your android phones or tablet. The benefits of Google Sheets are given below:

  1. Excel files can be easily open, modified and be saved.
  2. New spreadsheet can be easily created or existing spreadsheets can be modified or edited easily.
  3. You can easily work on Google Sheet irrespective of time and location.
  4. You can reply to comments or add any comments.
  5. It includes many features like finding and replacing the word insertion of charts and formulas and many more.
  6. Everything you type is automatically saved so there is no risk of losing the data.


All the apps described above can help anyone in being financially stable. One can choose an app according to the requirements and needs. Sometimes you fail because you don’t know how to invest your money in the right manner. By using any of the apps mentioned above you will be able to know and analyze where you are lacking.

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