The many uses of ADB Sideload

So you might be wondering what ADB Sideload is. Well, it is a new feature that was added to the AOSP recovery in Jellybean. The 2.3 version of TWRP supports ADB Sideload mode.

Don’t confuse ADB Sideload mode with the original ADB mode, which allows you to install a zip on your computer with only one command. ADB Sideload won’t be that effective for an average recovery user, but it can come in very handy for a ROM developer.

uses of Adb sideload

Why do you need ADB Sideload? Basically, ADB consists of a set of ADB tools or files. This is all you need to bring about some changes in your operating system. All these tools have the ability to root your mobile phones, install TWRP/CWM recovery, and remove bloatware.

The commands and tools used in ADB are as follows:

Commands for pushing files, which help transfer your files from your desktop to your mobile phones. However, you cannot transfer ROM from your desktop to your cell.

Commands for pulling files, which pulls a file from your device and inserts it into the desktop.

Commands for installation of apps, which helps download an APK file from your desktop to your mobile phone. ADB receives a notification so that the app can be reinstalled on the phone. It also ensures that the data already present in the device is safe. This command can be used when your device needs apps that are already backed up on your desktop.

There are several other commands associated with ADB Sideload, which help you achieve complicated matters in minutes.

Convinced? Now let us move on to how you can install ADB Sideload on your computer. The steps are as follows:

  1. Search for ADB and download the installer file
  2. Then you have to choose a file and right click on it. Select “running as” from the dropdown list.
  3. Type in “Y” and press enter. Proceed to set the environment variables. The ’N’ should be pressed to install the drivers only.
  4. This is a little time consuming, so keep some patience.
  5. To verify the setup, click on prompt. If you receive a subsequent message, then you can rest assured that your installation is complete.

Some of the latest and most attractive features of AIB Sideload include:

  • Its small size, which is why it does not take up too much space on your desktop.
  • The previous installation process was time-consuming. But now it is easy and convenient- it can be done in seconds.
  • There is no need to download any other files to run ADB Sideload.
  • You will not require 1 GB of Android SDK to get ADB Sideload.

If used and downloaded carefully, ADB Sideload can help debug your computer, as well as improve your operating system in a number of ways. There are several ways to download this software, but make sure that you use the one that is most conducive to your platform.

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