Making a Connection With Long-Lost Biological Family

With the rise of genealogy websites and in an age of internet accessibility, more people are interested in connecting with family members they either haven’t seen in years or never even met at all. If you’re looking to make that connection happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to host a tremendous get-together. There are ways to go about reconnecting or fostering a relationship with your long-lost biological family.


Make sure you have the right people.

The last thing you want is a case of mistaken identity. It can lead you to get your hopes up for meeting relatives only to find out you are just reaching out to someone with the same name. Websites like allow people to access millions of online records to look into everything from marriage and divorce records to phone numbers and current addresses. Access to this information allows users to simply scroll based on first name, last name, and state. From there, you’ll be able to sync up as much available data as possible to make sure you have the right person based on prior knowledge you have of this long-lost relative. These confidential searches can even find hidden social media accounts, making it easier to message and connect through the internet rather than having to confront the in-person interaction immediately.

Take things slowly.

It’s important to remember that a reunion or first-time meeting may not go smoothly as possible. A kind gesture goes a long way. Look into a plant delivery service in your area to send a welcoming plant, informing family members that you want to build a connection with them. The perfect plant is something that is easy for people to care for, and many are safe to have around pets, just in case there’s a furry friend you weren’t aware of.

Orchid plants and other flowering plants with pops of color are always a welcome gift. However, it’s important to remember that gifts and cordial circumstances may not be reciprocated. You have to go at the pace of those relatives. Don’t push. They’ll be more apt to give you attention so long as it’s on their terms.

Let go of expectations.

Life gets in the way, leading families to lose touch. There are also circumstances that predate you that you may not have been aware of. That bit of information could be hindering the chance to open or reopen the wavelengths of communication with those long-lost family members. It’s important not to go into reaching out to these relatives with any expectations. Yes, you may very well be welcomed with open arms and asked to come to dinner, but there’s also the alternative: This relative could see your phone number or email address and completely disregard the attempt. There is a semblance of awkwardness for some people to get on the phone for a conversation or to meet in person without properly vetting you just as you may have vetted them prior to contact.

Don’t wait forever.

The last thing that you want is to miss out on the opportunity to reach out to that long-lost loved one. If people are ill or aging, there’s a sensitive time frame to meet that person. Take advantage of the free details and other information you’ve found online to try to extend an invitation to talk. It’s important to rip off the bandage, as the worst that this person says is no. Plus, the longer you wait, the longer you could be missing out on a wonderful relationship with this relative. Whether it’s connecting by phone, through social media accounts, or through a letter, do what’s right for you in terms of communication and brace yourself for what’s to come.

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