How to Make Instagram Stories More Effective With Apps

Instagram can help you expand your business in ways you may have never imagined. You can gain access to customers who may have otherwise been hidden from your eyes. However, you need to ensure that you take every step to keep your Instagram account fresh and interesting. Only fresh content will help increase the number of Instagram likes and make you come across as an expert in your area.

Speaking of designing good and visually appealing content, you just cannot ignore the role Instagram stories play here. You can use professionally taken photos to make your Instagram stories look awesome. The quality of your Instagram photos will help determine how engaging your brand turns out to be. Therefore, many businesses now look toward professional videographers or photographers to help improve their Instagram stories game. Thankfully, you do not always need to spend that much of money and simply have to use some special apps to make Instagram stories work for you. Here are some highly recommended Instagram apps you may want to use:

How to Make Instagram Stories More Effective With Apps



WordSwag is a free graphical tool that gives you the freedom of editing your Instagram posts in the comfort of your home.

Now you don’t need to pay an arm and leg for your posts to be presentable and eye-catching. You can download WordSwag on your smartphone and choose to become your own graphic designer. It gives you an opportunity to design and create your posts according to your own preferences, be it the choice of font or color of the text. Simply upload your image from your phone gallery or camera or you can even select an image from Pixabay which is a partner of WordSwag and gives you an access to a large database of pictures.

After picture or image selection, add the text in your desired font and color anywhere on the picture. To give your post a personalized touch, you can even add logos and watermarks while designing your post on WordSwag. WordSwag is definitely your desirable graphics assistant for boosting the outlook of your Instagram posts.


Instagram imposes a set limit for your video lengths and that too of just 15 seconds. It’s a tough and challenging task to end your video in the exact 15 seconds or Instagram will crop it in the middle. You have to go through a tiring process of recording again and again to meet this criterion and if you want to upload a series of videos then it definitely consumes a lot of efforts and time on your end.

The Continual app is your rescuer in these tedious and challenging situations. It appropriately splits your complete video into small sections of exact 15 minutes and saves you from the hassle of recording multiple times. Isn’t it a blessing? It’s a must-have app for your Instagram posts.

Video Filters

Video Filters is another amazing app that assists you with your Instagram stories. If you want to upload a 60-second long video on your Instagram and do not want to spend a fortune on its editing for a professional look, Video Filters is your friend.

It gives you an option to choose filters and color effects for your video. You can edit your video according to your requirements and can even correct the natural imbalances and flaws of your makeup. You just need a good one-minute video properly recorded with adequate lights and with a clear pitch and Video Filters to make its way to your Instagram feed.


When something clicks you from the stories of other people around you and is in accordance with the theme of your Instagram account you surely want to share it on your wall too. But the hassle of taking screenshots or editing the actual post and then post it with actual credits often obstructs you from sharing the post. But now you can do that without trouble with help of Repost App. It lets you share content from someone else`s post and retains the actual caption of the photo if desirable and post it in your stories with actual credits. You don`t need to be burdened for a mere task of sharing outsource content.

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