Magisk Manager Download for Android (Updated Version 5.4.3)

Magisk Manager is a tool for Android users to root their mobile systemless. Which means that you can root your mobile phone without affecting system partitions that’s why it is named as the systemless root. This is the perfect application for root if you want to enjoy Banking and other security-related applications which do not work on rooted mobiles.


What is Systemless Root System?

If you have ever rooted your mobile phone then you might be aware that there are some applications such as Banking and there are many other applications also which detects the root of mobile phone and then do not work on the rooted device.

Recently launched Tez application by Google also doesn’t work on rooted devices. But here is the solution for you to run all applications on rooted mobile. Magisk Manager is the solution for your problem this application will root your device systemless which means that the applications will not be able to detect whether your device is rooted or not.

However, there are some other applications also available on the Internet such as Hide My Root to hide root but Magisk Manager has its own importance and it is best among all other applications. Here in this post, we will discuss each and everything about this application. If you are looking for the easiest way to root Android Mobile Phone then you can give a try to Poot App.

magisk manager
Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager

Topjohnwu is the developer of Magisk Manager application. There are many developers who have pre-added Magisk Manager in their ROM. If you use Magisk on your mobile phone then you can use any application hassle free as of Non-rooted and you will enjoy Root features too.

If you have installed Magisk then you will even get your regular Android OTA updates and you can update your Android Version without any issue. Magisk is an open source and anybody can install it on his/her mobile phone, to install Magisk on your mobile phone then you can do it with the help of Magisk Manager.

Magisk is quite similar to the Xposed Framework and you can create or mod your own application with the help of Magisk. You can install modules from the Magisk application on your mobile and the other applications will also be not able to detect the root of your mobile phone.

What is Magisk Manager?


As we have already discussed that this is the tool for Android users to hide their rot and it works on systemless root which means that it does not affect the system partition. There are some applications which pass through Google’s Safetynet and such applications do not work in the rooted mobile phone.

But if you use Magisk Manager on your rooted mobile phone then there will be no such issue and all the applications will work fine as they work on the non-rooted device.

You can use Magisk on any Android mobile phone. It can be run on Rooted & Non-rooted both devices. If your mobile is not rooted then you root it with the help of Magisk 14. You will have to flash Magisk’s file to root the device.

Download Magisk Manager for Android

Here we have shared the direct download link to Magisk for the Android users. If you have never tried this before then the complete installation guide is also given below. Just follow that guide carefully. Click on the below-given button to download Magisk on your Android Smartphone.

Earlier Magisk was available on the Google Play Store officially for free but now it has been removed from the Play Store that’s why you will have to download and install it manually it yourself.

   Download Magisk

Magisk Application Information

Application Name Magisk Manager
Last Updated On December 17, 2017
Android Version Required 5.0+
Total Downloads 2,000,000+
Application Size 3.5 MB
Developed By Topjohnwu
Main Work Hides Root

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How to Install Magisk on Android?

  • If you are installing any application manually for the first time on your mobile phone then go to Settings of your mobile phone and move to Applications section there click on Enable Unknown Sources.

enable unknown sources

  • Now open the downloaded Apk file of Magisk.

magisk manager downloaded

  • Click on the Install button.

magisk install

  • Wait till the installation process is completed successfully.
  • Click on the Open button to run Magisk.

magisk open

  • If you have already rooted your device then give the root permission to Magisk Manager and enjoy its benefits.

magisk non-rooted

How to Root using Magisk

If your mobile phone is not already not rooted then you can do the same by flashing Magisk file on your Android mobile phone. To do that follow the below-given guide carefully to root your mobile phone with Magisk.

  • First of all, Download Magisk v14 Zip file from the link mentioned below.

   Download Magisk v14.Zip

  • Now make sure that you have the custom recovery installed on your mobile phone. If not then first install the custom recovery on your mobile phone.
  • Then boot your device into the Custom Recovery. TWRP is preferred for the custom recovery.
  • Click on the Install section in TWRP Recovery.

twrp install

  • Now locate the Magisk Zip file in your directory.

magisk install via twrp

  • After locating the file Swipe to install.

swipe to install magisk

  • After installing successfully reboot your mobile phone.

reboot device magisk

  • Open Magisk Manager and make sure that it works properly.

magisk rooted

Note: Make sure that you have taken a complete backup of your data before following these steps. Your device may stuck at bootloop that’s why taking backup is recommended.

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How to Install Modules in Magisk?

  • Open the Magisk Manager application on your mobile phone.
  • Swipe from right to left and there will be a Download section.

magisk downloads menu

  • Click on it and search for the Module which you want to install.
  • Then click on the Download icon in front of your desired module to install it on your phone.

magisk module download

  • Once you click on download icon then a popup will appear and ask you to whether you want to download it or install it.

magisk module install manually

  • If you want to install it manually via Recovery then click on the Download button and flash modules zip file via recovery. And if you want to install via Magisk then click on the Install option.

magisk module installing

  • After that Magisk Manager will install that Module on your device automatically. Reboot your device after successful installation.

How to Hide Root with Magisk

magisk root & universal systemless

If you are facing an error of Root while using Banking or some other security application then you need to use Magisk Hide option to get rid of such error. Follow the below-mentioned guide to Hide Root using Magisk Manager application.

  • Open the Magisk Manager application on your device.
  • Click on the menu section.
  • Select Settings option.

magisk settings

  • Scroll down and you will find the Magisk Hide option.

magisk hide

  • Now enable the Magisk Hide option by ticking on it.
  • If you want to hide root only for a particular application then there is an option to hide root for particular application also.
  • Enjoy Magisk Hide to hide root and enjoy all applications smoothly on your Android mobile phone as of Non-rooted device.

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How to Uninstall Magisk Completely?

If you want to uninstall or delete Magisk completely from your device then follow the below-given options.

  • Open the Magisk Manager application on your mobile phone.
  • There will be an option for Uninstall on the homepage.
  • A popup will appear for the confirmation of Uninstall.
  • If you really want to Uninstall the Magisk then click on the Yes button.

uninstall magisk

  • Once you click on Yes button Magisk and all Su binaries including Modules will be uninstalled from your mobile phone completely.

Benefits of Magisk Manager Application

  • Helps in Hiding the root even if your device is rooted.
  • Use Modules of Xposed Framework in Magisk.
  • Bypass Safetynet of any application with Magisk.
  • Enjoy OTA Updates of Android without any interruption.
  • Easy to use & install.
  • Uninstall anytime with the single click.
  • Many more cool features.

Cons of Magisk Application

  • It works only for Android 5.0 or above versions.
  • It supports only Gzip compressed boot.img not compressed with lz4.

Magisk vs SuperSU

supersu vs magisk

The common thing between both of them is that both are used for rooting Android mobile phone but there is some difference also between them. If your device is rooted SuperSU then you will not be able to use some Banking applications which uses Google Safety check. But if you use Magisk then you can Hide your Root status and use any application.

Final Words:

Magisk is the perfect application if you want to enjoy Banking and other some security-related applications in your mobile phone. Magisk does the work of hiding root and does not let all the other apps know about the root. This is the best alternate of SuperSU. you can even root your mobile phone with Magisk.

If you are having any trouble in using Magisk or rooting then feel free to ask your question in the comments section below. We would be happy to solve your query. You can ask anything related to Magisk in the comments section.

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