Legalities Required to Start a Food Tech Startup in India

The Food Tech Startup companies are those companies that bring new and innovative business models, production processes and technology that improves and enhances Quality and Efficiency in Food Industry. They Basically bring a new type of Food Products that is Healthy or have Ingredients that are healthy or Basically are free of preservative and gluten free etc.

Food tech startup Can Be any food Business such as Eating Joint, Restaurant, Bakery, Cafe, Warehouse, Food Truck, Sweet Shop, Grocery Store, online Food Delivery Platform and Package Food Manufacturing company etc.

Legalities Required to Start a Food Tech Startup in India


How to Start A Food tech startup In India

  • To start a food tech startup in India, First need to Conduct a Good Research and develop products that are Innovative and when you are finished with developing you need to craft a good business plan and approach investor, bank or a financial Institute for Funds. We had helping us in moving out business.
  • Meanwhile, you are securing funds, You need to apply for Private Limited company or LImited liability Partnership Registration as your company needs to be Registered as Private Limited company or Limited Liability Partnership then only it can be recognized as Startup in India. As well You are required to Get A Trademark registration to Protect your Food Brand and Food Business process and You also Require Gst Registration as any Business dealing in Sale of goods and services are required to file Gst Return Filing.
  • For these purpose of Company registration, Startup recognition , Trademark registration and Gst Registration etc. you can contact a Legal Service Provider or CA, Cs and Icwa Firm .

Legalities required for The Food Tech Startup

Fssai License Or Food License

This Is the Primary or Necessary and Manadatory License , every Food business operator whether Micro, small , medium and large Require to get Fssai Registration when they are starting and needs to upgrade license when into state and central Fssai License as their turnover Increases. To apply for a Fssai License, You need to approach a Legal service provider or a Fssai consultant in you local area alogwith the Required legal Documents.

Health Trade License

You Need to Acquire Health License from the Local municipality Department of state . You need to visit the Local Municipality office of your state and Make a Application there.

Shop and Establishment License

In every state In india if you commence business then you are required to obtain a Shop act license from the labour department of State government within 30 days and you have to display this license at your food business premises at all time. If you are In Mumbai shop act license is known as Gumasta License.

GST Registration

You are required to get GST registration in india , If you are selling any goods and services in India. It is also Mandatory for all businesses to file for Gst Return in india. For getting Gst Registration you can contact a Gst Consultant in India.

Current bank account

You have to open a current bank account in any bank in State or India in name of your firm as current account are required to carry out the business transaction in India.

Bar and Liquor License

If you are Planning to start a Startup company that will be dealing in Liquor then you need to get manufacturing license from state excise department . and If you are establishing a bar You need to get Retailer license from the state excise department.

Noc From Fire Department

You are require to get No Objection Certificate from the fire department in case you are opening a startup restaurant . You Need to Go to the local fire department and Contact chief fire officer to get No objection certificate.


To conclude this Article I would like to Say That to operate your business without any difficulty and hassle It is Necessary that you acquire all License and registration mentioned above as Indian government is Very strict about Food Handling and safety in india. Heavy penalty can be Levied on you if you carry food Business without All The License and Especially without Fssai License as it is very Necessary to follow terms and condition laid out FSSAI Act .

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