Last Try – Choose the Best Cannabis Strain

Marijuana trends all over the world are facing constant changes with new strains emerging every week. But you may meet a list of the best sold marijuana seeds of all time. Today lifestyle is changing too fast and the new strains cause quite a buzz when they enter the market over and over again taking the limelight off top cannabis strains that have been in existence. As a cannabis user, you may have tried different cannabis strains in the market and experienced disappointment.

Today’s cannabis market has some strains reputable to all cannabis enthusiasts and first-time users. Their impressive reputation and high status come as a testament of their unique genetics, identifiable aroma, high THC content and high yields for growers. Before quitting using cannabis, here are different strains of weed and what they do that you should try first, compiled by Best Pot.

Last Try - Choose the Best Cannabis Strain


Northern Lights (Indica)

Northern Lights is one of the classic marijuana strains, widely known all over the world and considered one of the best. With the active lives and increased stress levels in your life, the popular indica strains will give you an incredible knockout and laziness that will help you relax and enjoy a decent sleep. The strain’s origin is somewhat a mystery, but its first development was in the 1980s in west coast America. Northern Lights is 100 percent indica strain, which generates high potency and a very stoney feel. The type of cannabis offers 18 percent THC content.

Northern Lights users and growers alike cherish this incredible strain as it flowers fast, has buds containing resins and is flexible while growing. It brings out essential effects such as inducing sleep. There is nothing as awful as rolling and turning all night due to lack of sleep and waking up irritable because you did not get sufficient sleep. Northern Lights strain ensures you fall asleep and sleep through the night. The strain also influences your central nervous system calming your mind, causing a dreamy euphoria, relieving pain and rooting out stress and depression.

ACDC (Hybrid)

Numerous people consider ACDC cannabis as an “all-purpose medical strain.” The sativa-dominant strain boasts of a remarkable trait of having a THC: CBC ratio of 1:20 thereby brilliant for people who do not want to get high. As you may know, cannabis is useful in treating various ailments. Its intoxicating effect, together with a high CBD content of 19 % and a potential to go up to 24% makes it ideal for treating different medical conditions. It addresses epilepsy, pain, effects of chemotherapy and multiple sclerosis among other ailments.

Another positive attribute of the strain is that it does not interfere with a user’s daily activities. Its low THC content makes it impossible for one to get high. Thus, juicing or cooking with it, you enjoy a calming, happy and relaxing euphoria.

White Widow

Among cannabis classic strains in the world is White Window. The mention of the name stirs debate and images of a cannabis flower with white trichomes. Worldwide, there is probably no other strain with a reputation such as this strain. Its high potent effects provide a user with immense energy and euphoria that pushes one into an extended stoney state while maintaining mental activity and conversations.

The origin of the strain has been subject to controversy for years, but it is confirmed to be a Dutch classic first grown in the Netherlands. A visit of most coffee shops in Amsterdam, which stock the strain, tells a story of the full-body effects, uplifting, thought-provoking effects they produce, which lights up social gatherings. The strain is considered to be 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, ideal for treating post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, nervousness, and migraines.

Durban Poison (Sativa)

The name Durban poison tells all about the strain’s powerful effects. A pure marijuana strain cultivated in South Africa, Durban, it brings about energy and high spirits to users with a somewhat leisurely and steady cooling down after. Despite its “poison” name that points to danger, the strain ranks among the fewest strains of marijuana without cross-breeding in the market.

Durban Poison is made up of 100% sativa with a 17 to 26 percent THC content, which means using a little of it will give you a long lasting high. The strain also contains high levels of THCV, which makes it perfect for treating fatigue and regulating levels of insulin. Moreover, using it will ensure you are in a great mood, happy and energized. You should try in the morning.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Girl Scout Cookies, also identified as GSC, is a strong strain of marijuana that gives users strong mental buzz and a smooth body melt. One of the psychedelic marijuana strains, it is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Hybrid, which gives it an indica smooth high. While the two strains are evenly combined, they provide a THC content of 18 to 23 percent. It is known for its fantastic nutmeg flavor and lemon-mint scent which adds to the pleasure of using it.

The high THC content in this strain makes it one of the best and strongest in the world. With a little of its Sativa and Indica mixture, you get to enjoy a high that creates the much-needed euphoria while enjoying medical benefits such as reprieve from pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. If you are looking to enjoy a classic marijuana strain present in the market for years, you should try GSC.

Best recommend for strains

The first impression is everything in life, and this applies to marijuana. When going to shop for cannabis, you should observe the following recommendations. Ensure you know the different types of strains available. Indica strains help you relax and be lazy while Sativa strains give you an energy boost. Therefore, go for what you want. Next, know your tolerance to marijuana. As a first timer, using a strain with high THC may cause you to lose your mind while a long time user may not enjoy a mild strain. So go for the most appropriate strain for your experience. Also, decide the smell you like. Every strain smells different. Some may be fruity while others have an earthy aroma. Since you want one whose scent is pleasant, identify the best smell for you and stick to it.


Having a bad experience with a cannabis strain can ruin the need to try this herb ever again. With new strains popping up, the classic strains seem to be forgotten. Finding the right strain is paramount for your enjoyment, but it can be overwhelming and doubting. Consider some of these traditional strains renowned as the best in the world and decide which is favorable to you as they are worth it.

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