Is Drupal a Better CMS Than WordPress?

It can be difficult to make a final decision on the right content management system, but it definitely helps to learn as much as possible about some of your options. Drupal and WordPress are both highly regarded for a number of reasons, but is one actually better than the other? Both of them are completely free and offer a wide variety of plugins and modules that you can use to make your site a success. There are still quite a few differences between these two CMSs that you should be aware of though.

Is Drupal a Better CMS Than WordPress



In terms of sheer functionality, Drupal is far more intricate and evolved than WordPress. The functionality of this CMS is actually quite impressive, though you will still need to consider what your specific needs are. If you are going to require numerous types of content, you’ll find that Drupal is clearly the best overall choice. You will certainly have an easier time managing various types of content with Drupal, as WordPress is far more one-dimensional in this way. Another reason why Drupal is better in terms of overall functionality is that it was created by developers to serve developers.


WordPress has tons of themes, both free and paid, that can help you with creating the exact type of website you want. Drupal, however, was specifically designed to help people customize their sites to meet their exact specifications. If you want to have a say in how every single aspect of your site looks and functions, WordPress simply won’t be enough for you. One of the main reasons why so many people are making the switch to Drupal these days is precisely because it allows for customization on such a large scale. WordPress was initially created as a platform specifically for blogging, so it just doesn’t have the same capabilities as Drupal when it comes to customization.

Ease of Use

You will want to consider how easy to use each CMS is before you decide which one to go with. Drupal isn’t very difficult to use at all, but it does take a little bit of time to catch on. If the only criterion for a CMS is how user-friendly it is, you might want to choose WordPress. And while Drupal may be a bit more in-depth, you will definitely be rewarded for the time you take to learn how it works. Just because a CMS is easy to use doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the very best option.


The level of security that your CMS offers is without a doubt something else that you should factor into your final decision. When it comes to matters of protecting your website and personal information, Drupal is infinitely superior. WordPress has a long history of being extremely hackable, and security breaches have occurred numerous times since its inception. If you want to rest easy knowing that your website won’t be comprised by malicious hackers, Drupal will provide you with what you need.


It’s true that WordPress and Drupal are completely free, but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up spending any money using these platforms. In the event that you choose to outsource development work at all, you will end up spending more on Drupal workers. And while WordPress may save you a few dollars, it is up to you to determine whether or not it’s really worth it. The fact is that you have to spend money to make money, and sometimes you need to spend quite a bit. Drupal is well worth the additional expense, especially when you consider everything you are going to get. Even those who decide to use Drupal can still find ways of saving money when enlisting developers to work for them.

Final Thoughts

There are certain areas where WordPress definitely shines, but Drupal is the superior content management system overall. If you are willing to invest a little bit of time and effort into learning how this CMS works, it will be well worth it later on. This is the best option for anyone who wants to create a completely customized website down the very smallest detail.

Drupal has a reputation for being beautifully complex and highly functional, which is in stark contrast to WordPress. If you just want to run a little blog and publish content regularly, WordPress is a perfectly adequate option. When you spend some time looking into the difference between these CMSs, you will be able to make your decision without any issues.

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