How to Download and Install Metasploitable in VirtualBox

Before starting we must know that What is VirtualBox and Metasploitable? VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization software which let us run multiple Operating Systems on our PC. For example, we can run Linux on our Windows or Mac system. There are various Operating Systems which can be run with the help of VirtualBox.

You might be looking for the complete guide about Metasploitable or want to know what is it and how does it work then here you are the right place. In this article, we will talk about the installation process of Metasploitable on VirtualBox. Also, we have provided the direct download links to VirtualBox and Metasploitable.

Install Metasploitable on VirtualBox


What is Metasploitable?

Now let’s talk about Metasploitable and why do we need it? Metasploitable is a kind of Operating System which can be run on VirtualBox and it is vulnerable that means it can be hacked easily. It is a Linux Virtual Machine which is used for the testing purposes. Here we are going to use Metasploitable for testing security tools and practice common penetration testing techniques.

Metasplotiable is easy to hack and it can be used to check the security of OS. It looks like the command prompt. It doesn’t have any kind of graphic etc. It works completely on the commands basis. You must use it carefully because it is very easy to hack and if you use it on a public network then your data can be hacked easily. So be careful before using it. I will let you know that where should you use it and where not.

It is based on Linux and the only special thing about is that it is easily vulnerable and generally used for the security testing purpose. If VirtualBox doesn’t work properly for you or you are having any problem with VirtualBox then there are some other Virtual Machines also available on which you can run Metasploitable. The another best alternate for VirtualBox is VMWare which also let you use various Operating Systems on one device.

What is VirtualBox?

As we have discussed above that VirtualBox let you run multiple Operating Systems on one PC. If you are a Windows user and willing to run Linux on your Windows system then VirtualBox is the one-stop destination for you. Generally, to use different Operating System we need to install it separately and we can’t run two operating systems on the same device simultaneously.

But if you don’t want to install it separately and want to use another OS on your current system then VirtualBox helps you in doing this. I use VirtualBox personally to run Linux on my Windows system. It’s easy to use different Operating System on one system with VirtualBox. The only thing you need to know is the installation process. If you know installation process then you are ready to go.

If you want to run any other Operating System except Metasploitable then also VirtualBox is helpful you. But keep one thing in mind that your system should have high-end configurations to run another properly.

In this article, we will learn that how to Install Metasploitable in VirtualBox. There are various things which you need to keep in mind while the installation process. An in-depth guide for installation of Metasploitable is mentioned below in this article. Follow the step by step by guide carefully.

Requirements to Install Metasploitable

There are some basic requirements to install Metasploitable. Have a look at these.

  • VirtualBox
  • Metasploitable
  • 7Zip

How to Download VirtualBox?

At first, we need to install VirtualBox on our system then we can run any Operating System on it.

  • Visit the official website of VirtualBox and download the suitable version for your system.
  • While downloading the VirtualBox it will ask you to enter some personal details. Enter all details and click on Proceed.
  • On the next page, you will get the Download button. Click on download button to install it on your system.
  • The downloaded file will be in Zip format you need to extract it.
  • Use any extractor software and extract the file in any folder.
  • Follow the instructions and install VirtualBox successfully on your system.

How to Download Metasploitable

Once we have installed VirtualBox on our system, now we need to download Metasplotiable on our system. There are various sites where it is available to download but some of them lead to advertisements or asks to complete the survey. But here we have provided the direct download link for Metasploitable. You just need to click on the link and follow the download process. Metasploitable can be downloaded from here.

Install Metasploitable on VirtualBox

Now here comes the main process of installing Metasploitable on the VirtualBox machine. You need to follow each step carefully while installing Metasploitable. There are various guides available on the Internet for installation and they are quite different to each other but we have shared the simplest method to install Metasploitable.

  • Open the VirtualBox on your system and click on the New button at the top right corner.
  • In the first box write Metasploitable.
  • Now select Kali Linux in the second box.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Now it will ask you to select the Memory Size which is termed as RAM also.
  • You can select it as default or increase as per your requirements.
  • On the next step, it will ask you to select the type of Hard Disk and VDI(Virtualbox Disk Image).
  • Then click on the Next button.
  • Then it will ask you to select the size and location of your Virtual Machine.
  • Now you are done with the settings. After that, you need to choose downloaded Operating System to do that click on the Location.
  • Click on the small Hard Disk icon at the top right corner.
  • Now go to the directory where you have downloaded Metasploitable.
  • Select the Metasploitable file and proceed.
  • Voila! You have successfully installed the Metasploitable on your VirtualBox machine.
  • To run it open VirtualBox and click on the Start button at top right corner.
  • That’s it, Enjoy Metasploitable on your system.

Note: Once you start then it will ask you for the username and password, the default username and password are msfadmin. If you want to ShutDown the Metasploitable then write power off and hit enter button to exit.


This was the easiest and simple guide for installing Metasploitable on VirtualBox. VirtualBox is the perfect choice for running multiple Operating System on one PC. You can run any Operating System with the help of it. The only thing you need to know is the proper installation process and you are ready to go.

Here we learned the installation process of Metasploitable on VirtualBox. It is the most vulnerable operating system and it can be hacked easily that’s why it is not recommended to use on Public Networks. You can use it only for the testing purpose.

So, if you are having any trouble in the installation of Metasploitable or having any query related to this then please do let us know via the comments section below. We are willing to hear from you. We will be happy to assist your query. Also, do not forget to share this guide with your friends and on social media. Keep visiting us for more Tech updates.

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