Innovative And Effective Ways To Promote Content

There are so many things that can be said about what you have to do in order to have success with your content marketing campaigns. The truth is that creating content is just 50% of your battle. You have to attract readers and followers. After you do this everything will be easier but until you get to that point it will be tough.

There are countless articles that are written about how to promote content but let us take a look at some methods that you might not know right now.


Be A Speaker At Industry Events

Not all content marketing strategies rely on the internet. You can easily go to a specific event as a speaker and get many followers. At the same time, you can promote the content that you have online. In every single industry there are many events that are looking for some new speakers. You can even find some paid speaking opportunities at such events. The freedom you get is quite huge in promoting your content in a way that will offer really good marketing results.

Create Downloadable Content

Most people are in a hurry so they might not have the time needed to go through your really long, well-written articles. Instead of forcing them to stay online and read, why not offer that content in PDF format? You can easily use high quality PDF editing software, like Movavi PDF Editor and then offer a download link. The software lets you quickly create PDF files out of various content options, like images and text, all while giving access to extra customization features that make the content highly brandable.

Look for new ways to offer content and see if you can come up with something that the completion does not do. Some time ago infographics were really popular. Nowadays, technology allows you to offer content in various ways, ranging from the mentioned PDF to downloadable videos in mobile apps.

Segmented Landing Pages

There is no way to deny the fact that landing pages are incredible for various different goals but whenever producing high quality content, like really intensive works (eBooks), many marketers just try to get signups or some sort of conversion. Instead of only doing this, you can also use the content to promote some other landing pages that would encourage some other type of conversion.

The idea is to segment the audience and get focused traffic streams towards various destinations. Sometimes even paid advertising works really well, as long as the content is really high-quality.

Work With The Sources You Cite

This is actually a highly effective influencer marketing strategy but it is much more intimate. When you have well-researched content it most likely cites various external authorities. You automatically get benefits because you include great sources but you could take things one step further and reach out. See if the sources want to return the favor. Basically, you lose absolutely nothing when you send an email or when you tweet. In many cases you will get help to promote content simply because you offered the citation. However, this rarely happens if you do not actually point out the fact that you cited a specific resource.

Take Advantage Of Social Snippets

When you work with long content pieces do not try to market them in their entirety. Try to break up the content into information snippets that are much easier to share. As an example, you can easily take out some statistics or use book quotes as focal points in syndication efforts. By doing this you can take out the catchy parts of the content and use them for a more effective promotion. Then, social sharing is encouraged and the smaller snippets can be used on various channels and platforms with the purpose of leading traffic or generating backlinks for web pages.

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