How To Unlock Windows Password Without Login

how to unlock windows password

Password reset without login to the OS is a big task but there are remedies too. But before that why you may need to face password reset.


Why reset windows password?

Commonly when we forget our password we need to reset it. In times we forget such passwords which we have not used for a long time and this thing happens with your windows commonly when you have to use your windows in any other computer but don’t remember the password. It is easy to change windows password when you are already logged in but when you are not logged in then it becomes tough to get through it.

There might be another scenario when a password reset is necessary. It is a great help of the investigation department who have to unlock many computers or some software which is collected from a criminal or crime scene.

How to reset windows password?

Many people would say it is tough to reset windows password for a common human. But is not exactly true. Here we have come up with a brilliant idea which will help to unlock windows password within login.

The windows passwords reset tool

This tool is easy to use and it also makes the password changing process easier. There are some simples steps which can help you to reset the password successfully.

Steps to reset password with this tool

  1. Install the windows password reset tool on your devices which is accessible now.
  2. Insert a blank storage device into that computer and transfer the windows password reset into that storage device.
  3. Boot your dead computer with that disk or storage device and the password reset tool is ready to fix the problem.
  4. Once you boot the windows device with the windows reset tool it will aromatically unlock the windows and remove other passwords.
  5. The final confirmation will get through by the reset button to reset all passwords.
  6. Then click the reboot button to normalise your computer with the new passwords.

Everything has some bright side and some dark side and so has the windows password reset tool.


  1. This tool helps to reset windows OS password as well as administrator and local account password.
  2. It is compatible with all windows version which is a great help.
  3. You can even reset the user accounts password with this tool.
  4. Just storage devices can help you to reset the password.


1. Unfortunately, it is not functional in Linux OS or mobile OS.

Bottom line

Windows password reset was a task of a profession that too with lots of hurdles and there was some situation when the professional also don’t get success. But with this windows password reset tool, it has become easy to unlock any windows easily. With this tool, the common people can also easily reset the passwords without taking help from a professional. But before this, you must go through the process manual and understand how the tool works to do the process successfully.

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