How to Reduce Lag and Increase Internet Speed for Gaming?

Everyone plays to win, and winning is not possible without speed. Whether it is the speed of in-game movement, the speed of strategy formation, or the speed of collaborative action – all factors need to be optimized to the highest standard for an undeniable victory. However, the most important element without which smooth gameplay is not possible is internet speed. If the speed of your connection is anything less than the most desirable mark, chances are that your game will lag at critical junctures, breaking your winning streak and practically handing the cup in the hands of the opponents. So, what should you do about it? This post highlights many tips and tricks which you can use to boost the internet speed for gaming and reduce lag.


Get an Internet Plan with the Lowest Latency

First off, test your connection. What is the difference between the promised and the received speeds? How much are the download and the upload speeds? What is the approximate latency rate? Side note: Latency is the delay between a user’s action and a web server’s reaction. Suppose you send a set of instructions for your character in a battle, but the character actually moves a few seconds later in response to your command. This few-seconds-gap is the latency. In the world of gaming, latency or lag is also referred to as ping. An ideal ping rate for any type of game should be less than 150 milliseconds. So, always go for a connection that has a low ping rate and a great network speed like TWC internet. Once you are satisfied with the received speeds from your ISP, then you can move on to other modifications.

Turn Off Unnecessary Devices

Internet bandwidth is like pie. The more people share it, the lesser will be your ultimate share and the greater will be your dissatisfaction with the result. Instead of purchasing more bandwidth from your company and risk overstepping your budget limit, you should try changing the internet usage pattern of your household. If a device, app, or a program is not in use, turn it off. Simple. Try negotiating with other users and come up with a plan that benefits everyone. Allot a certain time to streaming, downloading, and gaming. This way more data will be available to you when you begin your online multiplayer session.

Troubleshoot Your Router

A router plays a central role in your whole network system. It receives data signals from the modem and distributes them throughout the house. You can tap into this wireless network by enabling the Wi-Fi setting on your PCs or gaming consoles. Once you do that, your games will start to load and your in-game chat platforms will power up. In case you experience lag over Wi-Fi, here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your router:

  • See if the router is connected properly to the modem or the power outlet.
  • Restart your router to refresh the internet connection.
  • Re-position your router in an open area, free from hurdles and physical obstructions.
  • Support your router speeds with a Wi-Fi extender or an extra antenna.
  • Replace your old router and get a new one with the most optimal performance guarantee.

Invest in a Wired Connection

Though we all prefer wireless internet because it allows us to move around easily and take our devices outside our home or office, you may need to consider switching over to a wired connection, specifically for gaming purposes. Wi-Fi, despite all its wonders, sends data over radio waves, which are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, range restrictions, and frequency hogging from other wireless devices in the vicinity. This increases the probability of the gaming lag. So, investing in a wired setup, i.e. Ethernet cables and connectors, which transmit data through insulated wires, may actually prove to be beneficial to your overall gaming progress. Make sure to inspect the wires properly before starting your gameplay.

Keep the Firmware Up to Date

Firmware is the lifeblood of a computing machine. It can get old, and become vulnerable to attacks from third parties over the open network stream. Developers roll out firmware and security updates for all kinds of devices. Most of the time, these updates install themselves automatically, but if they don’t, it is up to you to check for system updates on your router or console and download them instantly to boost the performance of your devices. Another tip is to install a good antivirus on your gaming system to keep it protected against cyber-attacks. Maintain stable internet security at the same time and password-protect everything that goes on the web.

Wrapping Up

By implementing the aforementioned tips, you can see a visible difference in your internet speed from before and after. Optimize your connection to reduce lag and play without the fear of high ping.


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