How To Market Your Tech Startup

Are you in the process of looking for innovative ways to market your new tech startup on social media? This article provides a few tips and tricks for marketing your tech startup on Twitter to gain maximum exposure on this popular platform.

Keep reading for tips on how to use Twitter for marketing your new tech startup.

How To Market Your Tech Startup


Twitter Marketing For Tech Startups

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular and active social media platforms today. With over 300 million monthly active users on the platform, Twitter offers unlimited opportunities for making the right contacts to quickly grow your tech startup following

Twitter supports over 40 languages and has a global reach that gives your startup the opportunity to reach potential new clients, customers, and vendors worldwide. This social media platform has an always-on framework that never sleeps.

This means that no matter what time of day that you post an update known as a “Tweet” on this platform, you’ll always have the potential to reach a global audience.

In order to achieve the best results follow the guidelines below to incorporate Twitter into your startup marketing strategy:

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

When creating your company bio be sure to optimize your profile for SEO by including keywords relating to your new startup name and services that you offer.

Top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing now include social media profiles in their search index and crawl these social media sites in order to present them to search engine users.

Use the 160 character limit strategically to get found in searches by search engines and other

Twitter users who are searching for specific keywords and products related to your brand.

Post Updates Regularly

Once you begin to develop a healthy following by creating and delivering engaging content targeted to your ideal audience, they expect to hear more from you. Post daily updates at least 3 times per day at different times of day to let your followers know that you value their attention.

If you don’t have the time to log in to the platform to post your daily tweets, consider using a social media scheduler to post your content in advance. Your audience thank you and your following will grow exponentially as a result.

Engage With Your Audience

Use your platform and engage with your new followers. Make sure that you are friendly and personable when engaging. Proactively reach out and engage to other Twitter users that have shown an interest in the keywords that relate to your startup by doing a keyword search or using a Twitter management platform like Crowdfire or Tweetdeck. Participating in weekly Tweet Chats that occur on the platform around specific keywords and topics will go a long way towards gaining new followers and building your startup’s’ credibility on the platform.

Use Twitter Analytics To Gauge Your Performance

Twitter has a built-in analytics feature that provides key performance indicators to let you know how your startup is doing on the platform. Access Twitter analytics regularly to determine important information like the number of new followers gained, top tweets, audience demographics and more to be able to strategically organize your marketing efforts and to have the best success on the platform.


Final Considerations

Now you should have a clearer perspective on how to use Twitter for marketing your startup to grow your online audience and create awareness about your new brand. When managing your newly collected analytics data, be sure to access and save your data in a secure location using secure technologies offered by companies like Centrify to keep your data safe.

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